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    Arjun Rampal chats with his fans...

    By Staff

    Courtesy: IndiaFM

    Wednesday, November 15, 2006

    The rock-star was on your computer screens a few days ago where he spoke about well... just about everything. The audience crooned to ask Arjun Rampal about his likes, dislikes, films etc. and he was more than happy to keep you viewers live and kicking.

    asknitin : hi arjun... u r style is cool

    joy : hye arjun

    sameer : hi arjun

    asknitin : im one of ur fan

    rayees_arjun : i am die hard fan of urs

    Arjun Rampal : it was wonderful and thanku for being such a die hard fan

    sameer : hey arjun . . when is I see you releasin ?

    Arjun Rampal : on the 5 or 12 of january

    faisalloveu : me too u r looking cool in don

    Arjun Rampal : thanku i guess it was the weather

    neil : hi arjun, u are a slick action hero!

    Arjun Rampal : id rather be called a slick actor

    shaleen : Hi Mr Rampal when are u coming to aus

    Arjun Rampal : no plans rt now shaleen

    neil : Will u ever produce a action film?

    Arjun Rampal : ya id love to... maybe the next one neil

    rayees_arjun : arjun can i get u on phone oneday

    Arjun Rampal : r u buying me one rayess

    rash : hi arjun u hve done gr8 job in Don

    Arjun Rampal : thanku thanku rash

    RaJ Shergill : hey arjun, you have got heavenly looks...just beautiful!!

    Arjun Rampal : thanx. thats got to do with god nothing to do with me

    rayees_arjun : u seee i would like to act with u

    Arjun Rampal : send me ur screen test rayees

    Malaysian : Arjun, my mother wants to dance with u when ure next in Kuala Lumpur :-)

    Arjun Rampal : ill be in kuala for the gifa awards to launch i see u music. bring ur mom v ll dance there

    lia : how are you daughters?

    Arjun Rampal : my daughters are wonderful

    john : really loved you as jasjit in don

    Arjun Rampal : thank u john

    Miss SITAPHAL : I'm in love with you Arjun

    Arjun Rampal : i love u too

    rayees_arjun : there is shopping mall here i am working here i would buy u one

    Arjun Rampal : plz save ur money and buy something 4 urself

    lia : how r ur wife and kids

    Arjun Rampal : my family is fine

    asknitin : n u look too cool arjun

    Arjun Rampal : thank u

    izzy2001 : hi i am from vancouver canada you were great when u came with shah rukh for the temptaions 2004 concert i have 2 questions do u have an e-mail address for your fans? and in Don when u wer fighting with shah rukh khan y werent you limping in that scene? thanks

    Arjun Rampal : im fighting with my hands

    neil : Will yr next production be like Asambhav or Don?

    Arjun Rampal : it will be slicker than both of them neil

    ash : Hiiiiiiiiii Arjun!!!!I am a v v v v big fan of urs........been one right from the 1st video of urs thru ......pyaar ishq.....aankhen....and now don......wud like 2 know wat ur daily life is like? Hows Mehr?

    Arjun Rampal : thank u ash... for watching all my films mehr is fine and so is everyone... big kiss lots of love

    rajivjohn : i want's 2 make a body like u

    Arjun Rampal : join a gym

    ved : you shod do more action films

    Arjun Rampal : as an actor i think it is imp to do all kinds of film. i have to balance my work

    Mekhalaa : hey i cant wait to see your new movies

    Arjun Rampal : i see u is my first production. its a not so perfect love story

    asifrahat : arjun u r the most attractive actor in bollywood

    Arjun Rampal : stop flattering me asif.... thank u anyways

    SJ : Arjun how was it workin' wiv' SRK on Don?

    Arjun Rampal : SRK is a rock star and a wonderful human being

    RaJ Shergill : hey arjun, what character did u like playing the most in ur career so far? and why?

    Arjun Rampal : i really liked playing the character of shekhar in ek ajnabee and jasjit in don. reason being that they both are real as well as unreal

    Kamaljeet : the promo of i see you is awesome...i mean its somethin very different, heres wishing you and your debut production the greatest success!

    Arjun Rampal : thanku so much... plz watch the film and we will chat again

    tina : ARJUn what is it like working with farhan akhtar

    Arjun Rampal : farhan is a new age director with great sensibilites and taste and most imp a super sense of humor

    Mekhalaa : pleaase say hi to mee arjun hehe

    Arjun Rampal : hi mekhalaa and i send u kisses

    mrindia : I saw the trailor of your new movie, seems like a fun film, what made you take the plunge into production so early in your career?

    Arjun Rampal : yes it is early but when u get opportunities to do something that u want to do u

    asifrahat : if i m girl, i'd propose u

    Arjun Rampal : thank god ur not a girl asif

    rajivjohn : arjun do u know that u r sexy

    Arjun Rampal : beauty and sex lies in the eyes of the beholder

    Mekhalaa : was acting always a dream of yours?

    Arjun Rampal : it still is a dream mekhalaa

    asknitin : i think u not reading my msgs but still i will be ur great fan...

    Arjun Rampal : asknitin hi

    Kamaljeet : hey u know i have watched all, i mean, every single movie of yours...yur the best!...will you cum to Hong Kong any time soon?

    Arjun Rampal : thanku kamaljeet yes i wud love to come to hong kong i havent been there for a while

    AJ : hey Arjun I love ure actiing....who is your favourite co-staR

    Arjun Rampal : dont get me into trouble AJ

    Arjun Rampal : there r too many actors with great performances and all of them are nice people


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