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Ashmit Patel from Superboy to Superman

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Courtesy: IndiaFM
Wednesday, July 05, 2006

While Clark Kent was growing up he knew he was special. He was different. He wanted to make a difference. So, he became Superman. Well, his image must have really influenced Ashmit Patel. Check him out donning a Superman T-shirt. Not only that, Ashmit is actually trying to pose like the 'Man of Steel.' The star of films like Silsiilay, Fight Club and Banaras, Patel admits that he is a hardcore Superman fan right from comic books to cartoons to movies. Hope Superman's powers bring him good luck in his career ahead.

Meanwhile, look what we got here....

Here's a picture straight out of the Patel family's photo album. Check out Ashmit in a Superman T-shirt at a tender young age. Well, his statement still hasn't changed 20 years down the line. "My superman T-shirt is my favorite outfit in my collection. In fact this one T-shirt on mine lasted for years, which I wear really often. That's my favorite piece of clothing." Super-genes in his blood - we can't really say! Super-Casanova - let's leave it there! Super-actor - Only time will tell Super-stud in a super T-Shirt - That's a 5 star rating!

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