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    "I don't wear low blouses or revealing clothes" - Ayesha Takia

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    Ayesha Takia has created waves in the industry with her sweet girl next door image. She is also the first actress to have a contract which states that she will not expose! Producers sign her contract first and then she signs theirs! Here is a girl with a firm head on her shoulders. Presenting an interview with Ayesha where she talks about everything from her favorite past time to her forthcoming projects...

    How has Bollywood treated you so far?
    It's been a good journey, though a little long! Only three of my films have released so far. I've met lots of nice people. I am looking forward to everything.

    You won an award for your first film. And you were also touted as the next big thing. How does it feel to get such compliments?
    It feels really good. We work and want people to appreciate our efforts. When fans, especially kids come and tell me, they like my work, I feel really happy. You get encouraged. But if I take things too seriously, I'll be sad in the end! I say thanks and leave it there.

    Among kids, a lot of boys are your fans. Tell us about some incidents.
    I remember I got a letter from a twelve-year-old boy. He had his pictures and everything about him in it. And he was asking me to marry him! He used to send me letters every week, asking me what I had thought! It was so funny, because he would say things like 'I will allow you to be a heroine even after we're married!' So such incidents have happened. It's sweet!

    The start of your career has been good. But we haven't really seen you at Page 3 parties and socializing! Why, so?
    I just do things that I enjoy doing. Ultimately it's my life and I have to enjoy every moment! Parties are not really my scene. I don't do the things that people do at parties. I like spending time with my close friends and loved ones.

    Tell us about your character in Shaadi Se Pehle?
    It's been a lovely experience for me. I play the character called Rani. She is a fun loving girl. She has short hair and uses glasses. It's a completely different look for me. There was lot for me of to do in the film. There are songs, comedy, confusion and cuteness in the movie. I enjoyed my role so it's been a pleasure to be part of Shaadi Se Pehle.

    Tell us something about this movie.
    This movie Shaadi Se Pehle has a message for youngsters. It's about relationships. Every relationship has it ups and downs. It's about misunderstandings that shouldn't happen but it's always there in every relationship.

    Many of your films use the word 'shaadi' in their title (Shaadi No.1, Shaadi Se Pehle)
    Name does not make any difference as far as a film is concerned. I think people love good entertaining films. Audience nowadays has become so intelligent that you can't fool them. If you make a good entertaining film only then you score a hit otherwise flop.

    Everyone has been asking me, why is the word shaadi there in all my film titles! All I can say is that, I haven't named any of my films! I really believe in the concept of weddings. It's so beautiful when two people meet and decide to spend the rest of their lives together. I look forward to getting married, someday.

    You are also doing Naseeruddin Shah's directorial debut Yun Hota To Kya Hota. Tell us how your first meeting with him was.
    An actor of his caliber is so respected. Not only in India, but also all over the world. I felt really happy when he said that he had seen Socha Na Tha and liked my work. When he asked me if I wanted to be a part of his film, I said 'Obviously!' My shooting is over. It was a great experience. He is a task master. He wants everything to be perfect. When an actor of his caliber is directing you, he gives valuable pointers in many aspects. If you listen carefully, it really helps you a lot.

    Which other films will we see you in?
    I have signed another film with David Dhawan. I'm looking forward to that since I had so much fun shooting for Shaadi No.1. I'm cast opposite Zayed in that. I am shooting for Salaam-E-Ishq with Nikhil Advani, Fool and Final directed by Ahmed Khan. I have signed one film with Imtiaz Ali called Geet and I am doing another film with Satish Kaushik produced by Balaji Telefilms.

    You are very attached to your family. How hard will it be for you, when you get married?
    I am very attached to my family. That's all I have! I don't have too many friends from the industry. I don't think getting married gets you away from your family. If anything, it gets you closer. Because you reach a different level.

    If you get a chance to romance an actor from the yesteryears, who would you choose?
    I wouldn't choose anybody because right now, I'm so much in love that I can't think about anybody. It won't matter who he is. Even if Johnny Depp, who I love, came down right now, I wouldn't bother or even give him a side look!

    Who is your favorite from the yesteryears?
    We are kids in front of them. There is so much respect for them. I get so intimidated that I can't even dream of romancing them. Like someone recently asked me if I find Dilip Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan sexy! I think that is a very mean word to use for someone who we respect. Their talent and their age intimidate me so I can't even think of being romantically involved with them.

    Ashley Rebello designs for most of your movies. What would you say about him as a designer?
    Ashley Rebello is a real sweet heart. He's a very nice person. It's very important for me to work with people who give me happiness. He brings happiness whenever he is around. I must tell you that he has a very sweet mother! Whenever we go to his house for trials, his mother is very hospitable. He gives attention to detail and knows me very well. He knows that I don't wear low blouses or very revealing clothes. Even if the character is very modern, at the most I will show my abs or my legs! I don't go beyond a limit. He knows my style and so I am very comfortable, working with him.

    What about choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant?
    She is a very talented choreographer. I worked with her on Dil Maange More for the first time. When you watch her, you tell yourself that if you can do it just like her, it'll be perfect! She has great inputs and the energy levels in each shot are amazing. As a woman, I find it more comfortable to work with female choreographers, cinematographers and directors! She concentrates on a lot of things. Dance is not just about steps. She stresses on the attitude and acting. I believe that if you have the right attitude while dancing, you can even afford to be technically wrong. Her sister who is too sweet, is also always on the set.

    What else has been keeping you busy, apart from your films?
    There is a lot going on. Thankfully, my life does not revolve around films! If it did, I would have gone mad by now! I believe that films will end after a few years and I will have to continue with other things. Family is too important to me. I have a few friends, who are not from the industry. They keep me sane. We talk about normal things. I am not an actress for them. I'm still a girl named Ayesha at home and with my friends. I don't want to be a typical heroine with them! That's not me as a human being. I go for long drives and dinner with my friends. 

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