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Man and woman can't completely understand each other - Bipasha Basu

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006
Bipasha feels women in the Corporate world have always been misunderstood in India and adds that her upcoming movie Corporate reveals the real side of an educated and an independent woman. This sexy siren of Bollywood has proved that she can be bold and beautiful in any kind of role. Bipasha plays Nishigandha Dasgupta in Corporate and feels that its holds a close resemblance with her real life character.

Tell us about Corporate
This film is very different because they have showed a different life of a woman. They get married and have children. But here, it's not that. Today women are moving ahead with education, on their own principles and on their own belief. They are successful. A woman can reach to the top through her principals, beliefs and talent. It's a perception of today's women. It's not only women but men too reaching at the same level. But people think that an ambitious woman must be a bitch. But it's not that, she is well talented to stand next to you and be a boss at the same time.

Bipasha Basu Tell us about your character
I am playing Nishigandha Dasgupta. This character is very close to my heart because when I played this girl, I felt she is just like me. She is so me. She is a little more mature than me, but she is just me. She is a big boss. She has made a name and people give her respect for the person what she is, for the way she has come up. And when she comes back to home she is a girl, she is a woman, a homemaker and a cook. She does everything and there is a perfect balance. Life is so supremely balanced for her. She is the one, who values her family.

How did you manage to look so glamorous in these formal costumes?
The word glamour has always been used wrongly in our media world. Glamour does not mean skin show and I am tired of saying this. I hear some idiotic women saying that their role is so glamorous. Glamour is totally a different thing. You can look glamorous in whatever you want to be. Glamour means larger than life, something that is hugely attracted. It could be anything. A woman in sari or in swim suit can look sexy in whatever she can carry it off rightly. A woman can look cheap, cheesy, glamorous and sexy but we put everything into one. Today all the words mean one glamorous.

Do you think have you ever been like this as you said now?
I don't think so. I had never been so cheap, cheesy and tarty, never over my dead body.

How did you prepare to get into the skin of this character?
I knew my role from the beginning. I know Madhur has done a lot of research for this movie and I had an idea about how a Corporate woman should be.

Do you consider yourself lucky, because this role was initially offered to Ashwairya Rai?
Absolutely, I feel I am lucky to play this role. I think any other girl from the industry would have been feeling lucky to play such a role. As I said earlier everyone should see this film so definitely as a woman I am so happy that I got such a role. Even if I wouldn't have done it, I would have loved to see the film.

Bipasha Basu How is Madhur as a director?
He is very inspiring. I like men who can make topical films, yet they have the sensibility what a real woman must be thinking in that particular framework. Madhur has done that in every film of his. To be a typical man and to see a woman's side is very complimentary because why do we say that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Man and woman can't completely understand each other. But when a director like Madhur can present a woman's character so beautifully then I, being a woman can totally grasp it and that is the reality.

Have you seen any of his films before?
Yes, I liked his Chandni Bar and Page 3. But I haven't seen Satta. I like Madhur, because he shows woman in a real sense through his films.

What kind of audience you expect for the Corporate?
Every working woman must watch this film. Every single working girl, who wants to achieve something, wants to be something in life. These women are not just working for the sake of it but enjoy their work. This is one of those progressive films of India.

What is the USP of this film?
It's not me. Bipasha Basu might be a known face out of all. And that's the projection of the film. But then it's because you have to have an intelligent projection in your film. This character is one of the strongest characters of the film.

Do you think ambitious women in India have always been misunderstood?
Totally that's what my first point is, ambitious women in India are totally misunderstood and that's so sad. A woman has a creative mind; she is smart, educated, intelligent and has a degree but cannot be ambitious. If a man doesn't have any ambition he is a loser but a woman with an ambition is a bitch. This world is very strange.

But at the end she is still misunderstood or she clears the myth?
No, I am not going to reveal that. You must watch the film for that. All young girls and boys, who are still to adapt such thoughts, should watch this film.

What are the other projects you are working on?
Right after the Corporate, Omkara will be my next release. It's a Vishal Bhradwaj's film and I am playing Billo. She is Bianca from Shakespeare's Othello. It's much larger and one of the important characters in the film. After that Dhoom II and I am also working for Abbas Mastan's untitled movie.

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