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    On the sets of Bombay to Goa remake

    By Super Admin

    Courtesy: IndiaFM

    Tuesday, May 09, 2006

    The historic ride which some of the legends of Bollywood took in 1972 from Bombay to Goa is ready to set off again. The passengers this time round though are the some of the best talents in comedy seen on television. Bombay to Goa is the film in the making which is going to be a completely crazy fun ride. The theme is somewhat similar to the Mehmood's masterpiece, 'but not exactly a remake' according to the makers of the film. The most exciting part about the movie is that, it stars few of the favorites from the famous television show, 'The Great Indian Laughter Challenge'. That doesn't really come as a surprise though, as the film is being directed by Raj Pendharkar the same person who directed the same show.

    On location: The scene being shot was the climax of the movie, where all the characters in the movie are hunting for treasure, running through the streets of Goa. But the hunt isn't an easy task for our funny squad, as all of them have bits and pieces of whole treasure map which was torn. Besides as they are on the treasure hunt, they get stuck in tacky situations, some of them even getting bashed up.

    It was an outdoor shoot, the shots being taken on the streets of Goa. A large group of people dressed in colorful costumes - men wearing Mexican hats, playing trumpets and women in frocks designed with frills carrying pompoms and many other props. Basically, they were recreating the famous Goa carnival, but a rather smaller version of it, to state safely. So there is a carnival passing going through the streets of Goa and also a small wedding procession. All the characters of the film are running through these marches, creating a major mess everywhere.

    In between this muddle, we managed to grab hold of some of the talents from the laughter challenge. Our first prey was shayar saab Ehsaan Qureshi. So, Ehsaan starts talking in his unique style, moving every inch of his body as he speaks the purest form of Hindi. So pure that you wonder if it's some alien dialect you are listening to. Ehsaan was quite excited about this project as this is his first film. 'I have full faith in the director, I'm sure we'll create something interesting' says the funny poet. Speaking about his character, he says 'I get beaten up throughout the movie' which was evident from the torn kurta he is wearing, 'but it is all so funny', he continues.

    Then comes Raju Shrivastav. After enlisting the names of films he has done earlier just to insist that he has always done movies and this is not his first time, unlike the other contestants, Raju continues 'My character is of a person who is writing a book on traveling and he writes down all the incidences that take places throughout the journey. He also carries a voice recorder, trying to capture some interesting conversations and he keeps adding his comments to the film through a voiceover.'

    Sunil Pal was dressed in a blue-green uniform. 'I play the conductor and the owner of the tourist bus to Goa. My character may sound like Mehmood Saab's in Bombay to Goa, but it's quite different from his. Vijay Raaz is the driver of the bus' says Sunil Pal, sporting a somewhat 60's Elvis inspired hair style. He continues, 'having known the director of the film Raj Pendharkar for long, shooting for this film has not been a tough task, as I knew exactly what the director wanted from me'. Sunil then went back for shooting a scene with his partner in the film, Vijay Raaz, both searching for some church using a piece of map as guide.

    Veteran actor Tinnu Anand is also a part of the mischievous gang on the bus. He shares 'It is always interesting to work with new directors as they are so enthusiastic about their film, something which reminds me of the time when I directed my first film.'

    Director Raj Pendharkar also managed to take some time out to speak with us. With glares over his head and chewing gum, he kept stressing heavily on the point that 'the film is not a remake of the old classic Bombay to Goa'. Losing a bit of his cool while saying that, which roughly suggests people must have asked him like a million times if he was attempting to recreate the magic. Goes on Raj, 'The film is not just about the laughter challenge contestants. There are many other talented actors in the film like Tinnu Anand and Vijay Raaz.'

    Bombay to Goa is an attempt by bunch of new talents, who wish to offer the audiences a road trip that is loaded with wild incidents and with the craziest people running the show. Hope their attempt become fruitful and they recreate the success of the stand up comedy show giving the audiences a chance to catch a real comedy flick.

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