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    Chunky pandey chats with his fans

    By Super Admin

    from bangkok : should we think u are in second innings of your career

    chunky pandey : yes..i am in my 2nd innings and i am gonna score a century..

    Sneha : What is ur take on Himesh Reshammiya's technique of nasal singing?

    chunky pandey : far as the voice is coming from the nose and not from the ass...otherwise it will be smelly music...:-

    NG : your best role is GHAR KA CHIRAG!

    chunky pandey : NG, that was the 1st and last romantic film i ever did..

    Hero : u don't care for me:-(i'm your biggest fan,and you ignore me:-(

    chunky pandey : no...hero..send me ur photo..

    sri : do u like music....who is u r fav composer

    chunky pandey : my fav..

    Khalid : Hello Sir, I write to you from Denmark. Actually I have a script but don't know how to find one who can maybe read and make a movie on it. It is about my life in europe where I trusted a girl and married for second time, while I had one wife

    chunky pandey : khalid...u lucky guy, u married twice...i cant even handle one wife..

    Free Soul : have you ever visited kuwait or having plans to visit, and do you have any future project in england

    chunky pandey : yes, i have visited kuwait with my friend Sadam hussain...

    Charla : I have a few pictures of you I took at IIFA, where can I send them to?

    chunky pandey : send them to

    Neelam : Hi Chunky, am a big fan...I think you are great...and a very talented actor...what's ur dream role?

    chunky pandey : neelam...shahrukh did it in DON..

    Sneha : Are u a hardcore party animal Pandey?

    chunky pandey : i am an animal for sure... love parties too...

    zubee : chunky u shud change your personality come back ina a altogether a new style man

    chunky pandey : like bald head and pot belly???

    Satyam : i have heard that u r a superstar of Bangladesh Film industry, is it true?

    chunky pandey : satyam...i used to be..right planning to become one in bollywood..

    gabbar : Given a chance how would you play Mangal Pandey

    chunky pandey : i will shave his moustache first..

    msa : what wud u call a movie starring a k hangal and chunkey pandey... ans: hangal pandey...haha

    chunky pandey : u shud get..a pat on ur face for this joke..

    zubee : chunky what u think of hrithik in dhoom in comp with don

    chunky pandey : i have not seen dhoom yet...but both the films do start with D...

    Sneha : Would you ever do a television serial if they offered u a show called EVERYTHING ABOUT CHUNKY?

    chunky pandey : sneha...i am doin a tele seriall called Rokkky 99..

    Neelam : what has been your most favorite role so far?

    chunky pandey : my character in 'Vishwatma'..

    zubee : chunky u shud try doing main leads u r deeply talented actor

    chunky pandey : zubee, r u planning to produce a film and take me in it..

    Satyam : Few days back i saw your show in Guwahati

    chunky pandey : satyam, were u the one who was bursting the crackers...

    gabbar : no joking, you really look fresh and yound as ever, did you start as a hero when you were 5 ?

    chunky pandey : yes gabbar, i started acting in my mother womb...

    chunky pandey : i started acting in my mother womb...

    jahin : hi chunky i like ur wachmanship in ASMM

    chunky pandey : do u have a job of watchman in ur bldg..i will come..

    Govinda : chunkey i m ur bro and was acked in Aankhen remember me ?? hehe

    Chunkey Pandey : u remember how the monkey bit u on ur Bum u still have the teeth mark..

    sobia : chuky plz change uer heir style

    chunky pandey : sobia, thankgod i still have hair left. Lot of my contemporaries are doing hair transplant and wearing diff style wigs..

    Rima : green tea still ur fav drink?

    chunky pandey : rima...i am drinking it while chatting, i have 16 cups a day..

    Govinda : I really respect taran adarsh reviews he is truly damn good in predictions

    chunky pandey : yes he has been very kind to me and he is spot on analising a film..


    chunky pandey : balle, he got adopted by Maneka Gandhi...

    DX 2006 : That monkey is dead i think. But i guess his brother monkey will be in Aankhen 2.

    Chunkey Pandey : yes... we have a gorilla in aankhen 2


    chunky pandey : in ur house...

    iqbal : chunkey what is your favourite actor ?

    chunky pandey : my fav actor is riteish deshmukh when he is dressed up as a girl..

    GaNgStEr : it seems u r busy never mind chunkey bhai ,,,,,,,,,,,,remember 1 thng i m d gangster i will catch u soon

    chunky pandey : r u trying to extort money from me...u land up giving me some..

    shweta : hey i believe ur mom was a doctor- what convinced u to become an actor?

    chunky pandey : i tried becoming a doctor, i had a special degree MBBF, metric me bar bar fail..

    neeraj : hi chunkey this is neeraj from ur native palace sagar

    chunky pandey : sneeraj, yes i havent been there for a long time...

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