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chunky pandey chats with his fans

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    Courtesy: IndiaFM
    Wednesday, November 29, 2006
    He was at his funniest best in an exclusive celebrity chat. chunky pandey made you laugh until your sides ached. Speaking just about anything right from making fun of his contemporaries to making fun of himself. Here are excerpts from the chat.

    Charla : Hi Chunky, how r u doing? I liked you very much in DON
    chunky chaat : u were the best in don
    chunky pandey : hi..wait till the sequel comes , i am there in it, bcoz if u notice. in the sequence with shahrikh they don't show a gun nor do they show u a gun fire, its a big mystery what happens to me????

    vedant : Boss u were just awesome in ASMM
    chunky pandey : thanks vedant, i had to become a nepali for the world to notice me..

    Shariq : Chunky do u think u still have the potential to give a blockbuster like Aankhen
    chunky pandey : yes, shariq,...after giving films like Tezaab and Aankhen, its qiute possible i can give another blockbuster, bcos everything in my life come in multiples of 3..

    chunky chaat : chunky u r a bangla superstar
    chunky pandey : yes i am a bangla superstar and i have just conquered nepal..only pakistan, lanka and maldives to go...

    chikni : Where were u and what were u doing in this break?
    chunky pandey : chinki, i was busy working in bangladesh films.. running an event co. n spending time with my 2 beautiful daughters..

    vedant : How to contact u in case i want to sign u for ads
    chunky pandey : vedant, just drop in or message indiafm..

    Hero : it is soooo good to have you back in bollywood...bollywood is not the same without you
    chunky pandey : imagine if they were 2 of me in bollywood, i am sure we would close it down..
    chunky chaat : chunky, is it true that ur dad is a very big doctor?
    chunky pandey : my dad was a heart surgeon.

    Charla : You were funny at IIFA 2005 in Amsterdam :D What did you think of the people in Amsterdam?
    chunky pandey : charla, i just love the dutch people specially that come from suriname

    chikni : what are the other films in pipeline
    chunky pandey : chikni, I see u and fool and final.

    Shariq : if u were offered Aankhen 2 along with Govinda will u accept it ?
    chunky pandey : shariq, ofcourse and i wud like to produce it also.

    chikni : u used to compared wid Govinda at times wht do feel abt it
    chunky pandey : chikni, i think he is the greatest actor ever but right now i am the best..
    Chunk P : Do u feel tht u look like Wasim Akram?
    chunky pandey : a lot of people say i resemble imran khan and wasim akram, i cant help it, my mother is from Pakistan

    Free Soul : Is Chunky you real name? if not, than wats it?
    chunky pandey : my real name Suyash, only my school friends call me by that name

    Abhimanyu : Hey Chunky...this is Shanky...:P..seriously..anyway....your role in 'D' was i guess one of the best supporting roles of the year...DBR didnt really work ...anything more with RGV...and your take on RDB, LMB and DON
    chunky pandey : abhi, thanks...i think D was the best performance of my life...its a pity, i did not win the oscars for it...RDB , LRM and DON have rocked...bcos i feel it is for the youth of today..

    Govinda : hey chunkey, I really liked your movie Khilaaf, its one of the best movies
    chunky pandey : Govinda, audience us picture ke khilaaf thi...

    chikni : wht kind of raport u shared wid ur contemporaries?
    chunky pandey : chikni, gr8 raport, bcoz i look much younger and better then them...

    chikni : wht kind of raport u shared wid ur contemporaries?
    chunky pandey : chikni, gr8 raport, bcoz i look much younger and better then them...

    Kush : Chunky how old are you?
    chunky pandey : i am born on Dev Anand Bday, 26th Sept, u dont need to know more

    mitul : do you feel indian cinemas is getting really better by making good movies???
    chunky pandey : mitul, yes they shud make more films like ASMM..

    Free Soul : suyash@chunky would you like remain in film line for you whole life or you have other plannings also.
    chunky pandey : i wud like to stay in the film line till they don't throw me out
    borat : hi chunky, i think u are an awesome actor and i have utmost respect for u but do u think u were underrated as an actor and u didnt get the success that u deserved
    chunky pandey : borat, u r right... i think i m in the wrong wood..i should have been in hollywood...but i have heard they do not need more wood in hollywood...
    Shamita : which one was ur first Film chunky?
    chunky pandey : shamita, my 1st film was aag hi aag...
    Govinda : For a 44 years old, you look REALLY GOOD CHUNKEY
    chunky pandey : govinda, i will be 44 after 4-5 years... please send me this compliment then...
    chunky pandey : mitul, yes i luv shopping at chappel street in melbourne...

    guru : u have let nepalese people down
    chunky pandey : guru, no not at all...infact i am not a nepali in the film, i live on the nepal border..

    nandu : who is the best director u think in present....
    chunky pandey : sangeen sivan..

    Shariq : which herione u want as ur co-star ?
    chunky pandey : aishwarya rai..

    Sneha : Chunky, who do u think in the film industry right now is the next big star?
    chunky pandey : Sneha...u r chatting with him right now...
    nandu : what do u think abt mani ratnam
    chunky pandey : nandu, he is the most prolific director, i think he is a knight as everyone calls him Mani sir.

    from bangkok : chunkys dream date?
    chunky pandey : someone who pay all the bills for me...bangkok.
    gafla : which charector would you like to play villian or actor
    chunky pandey : gafla, actor..

    mel : hi chunky how are u? i loved u in D!
    chunky pandey : they r making a prequel to it called C dont miss it!!!
    guitarboy : Hi Chunky, which bands do you listen to?
    chunky pandey : boy..i luv dira straits..jim morrison...doors..and i like petshop boys..

    Chicky : are you married?
    chunky pandey : yes..i am married..

    ali : basically i am chatting from pokistan thats why you are ignoring us
    chunky pandey : no..ali,..how can i ignore my pakistan brothers..my mother was born in rawalpindi..

    sarah : you should always work as a comedian in the films
    chunky pandey : y do i have a funny face???

    don_manan : hi chunky...would u like to do a movie like Veer-Zaara?
    chunky pandey : manan...no not at all..i am very bad at romance...

    mitul : H O W A R E Y O U F E E L I N G W O R K I N G W I T H J O H N N Y D E P P ???
    chunky pandey : mitul..i have heard he is very nervous to work with me..
    Charla : What film do you wanted to be a part of, if you could?

    chunky pandey : charla...yes..i missed Tridev, and another project with Rakesh roshan due to my over commitments.. 

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