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Shahid-Kareena no more <i>Chup Chup Ke</i>

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    Courtesy: IndiaFM

    Tuesday, June 06, 2006

    Theirs is a romance that fairy tales are made of. With each subsequent movie that they do together, their chemistry is appreciated more and more. While Fida proved to be quite a dud, 36 China Town, was well received. Their next attempt together is Priyadarshan's Chup Chup Ke.

    How was it working with Priyadarshan?
    Shahid: This is the first time that I have worked with Priyadarshan. We've seen his work like Hera Pheri, Hulchul and Malamaal Weekly. But this is a love story. It's the story of a boy who owes a lot of money to people. He acts deaf and dumb to hide his identity. He then comes across a girl who is actually mute. They communicate and a comedy of errors happens. Even Paresh Rawal and Rajpal Yadav play people who have no money. They are under the impression that my character has a lot of money. There is a constant comedy track.
    Kareena: I play a girl who can't talk. It's a love story between Shahid and myself. He pretends to be dumb and I am actually mute. This is my third film with Priyadarshan. It has been a great journey so far. He has always given me different characters and different roles. This time in Chup Chup Ke as well, he has given me a different character to play. I am really excited about this role.

    Is there an element of suspense in Chup Chup Ke?
    Shahid: No, it's not a suspense film. It's a comedy.

    Your first film together, Fida, didn't really work at the box office. Recently, the audience did appreciate your chemistry in 36 China Town. Now what are your expectations from Chup Chup Ke?
    Shahid: I think it is the same you would expect from any film. If any of Kareena's films are releasing and I'm not in it, I would wish it just as much luck. We would always wish each other the best. We have worked hard on this film. In Fida, there was not that much of a love story between us. Maybe, that's why it didn't really click. In Chup Chup Ke, among other things, there is a love story as well. We're hoping for the best. If the product is good, the film will work. If its not, the audience will reject it.
    Kareena: If the script and movie is good, everything will be good!

    After working together on the third movie, what would you say you have learnt from each other as actors?
    Kareena: I think I have learnt to be more disciplined as an actor. Shahid is very focused on the set. He likes to go over the lines and scenes. He likes to try new stuff by adding on things. When we work together, we keep discussing that. We try and add new elements to the scene.
    Shahid: I think I would say the complete opposite of what she has just said. I have learnt to be a little more relaxed. Now I don't take too much stress. If you see Kareena on the set, you would think that she has not even read the lines, and she has no idea what's going on! And all of a sudden she'll come and give a fantastic shot and you will be like "Oops! I had better read my lines!" As artists, we are very different on the sets. We compliment each other. It's not good to be too stressed. At the same time, it is not good to be too relaxed. I have learnt a little more from Kareena because she is much more experienced than me. She has been kind enough to say that she has learnt something from me.

    Tell us something about the music of the film.
    Shahid: The music is by Himesh Reshammiya who is rocking these days. Everybody is only singing his songs and we hope that it continues. We hope that he repeats his past successes with this film. All of Priyadarshan's films give more importance to the story. In this film too, the songs will be on the basis of what the situation requires.

    Which is your favorite song from the film?
    Shahid: That would be Aa re aa re.

    Kareena, in your past films, most of your characters have been very talkative. So how challenging was it to play this role?
    Kareena: It was quite easy, actually. I just had to act quiet! I didn't have much to do! But it was nice! Since it was different! Something new is always fun.

    The title has a very mischievous feel to it! Is there anything in your life that you have done chup chup ke? Something that you don't want anyone to find out?
    Kareena: I would like to know this about Shahid!
    Shahid: The reason I did it chup chup ke was because I didn't want anyone to find out. And if you think I'm going to say it in front of everyone, you are badly mistaken!

    You can tell us now... maybe a childhood memory?
    Shahid: Well, I make my confessions in front of God! 

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