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A rendezvous with the Deol sisters

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Courtesy: IndiaFM
Monday, September 18, 2006
Seven years ago, Simi invited two shy teenagers on her show! They had never faced the camera before, even though they are the children of Bollywood legends! Today, they have grown into beautiful, charming and young women with great personalities and they return to catch up with Simi!

Excerpts from an interview with Esha and Ahana on the weekend show 'Rendezvous'.

Simi: Has your relationship with each other changed over the years?

Esha: Yes! We have become more buddy-buddy. Then it was elder sister and younger sister.

Ahana: She's my best friend.

Simi: Then you all used to fight a lot!

Esha: We still fight!

Simi: Ahana, are you going to become an actor?

Ahana: No I'm not! It doesn't interest me. I'm just not comfortable being around so many people. Esha always knew what she wanted to do. Mom would be down in the dining hall. She used to sit upstairs on mom's dressing table and look at herself in the mirror and put lipstick.

Esha: I feel she's the right material for movies. But it's her personal choice. I am not going to force her. She's completely uncomfortable with the filmi scene. She's a very shy person.
Simi: What other things are you interested in Ahana?

Ahana: Right now, I am in my second year BA. I want to do courses after this.

Simi: Ahana, if you were to pick a perfect guy for Esha from the industry, whom would you chose?

Ahana: Honestly speaking, I've always told her that she shouldn't go for anyone from the industry.


Ahana: I think it's too hard. You rather have someone all to yourself than see him....

Esha: She's a very possessive Leo. I am a very possessive Scorpion.

Simi: If you could change something about her, what would you change?

Ahana: Sometimes she should listen to me instead of me listening to her.

Esha: That's why I'm your elder sister. You were born to listen to me.

Simi: Esha, anything you want to change about Ahana?

Esha: No! She's perfect. She's god-sent to me, my baby sister.

Simi: I want you to make a wish for each other

Ahana: I wish that Esha gets a very kind-hearted, very good looking Brazilian or Greek boyfriend!

Esha: I wish that you soon figure out your profession, you see a lot of success in life, make lots of money and settle down with a very nice guy, who'll be able to take your bullying. I hope you have lots of dogs and a big house by the beach.

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