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The serial kisser is back

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Friday, June 30, 2006
The serial kisser is back and we caught up with him with a rapid rapid fire round. Let's speak to Emraan Hashmi and his other indulgences other than his lip locking.

Are you religious?
Yes. I believe in Allah.

Favorite Hindi movie

Favorite actor
Dilip Kumar.

Favorite actress

Are you a brand freak?
Not at all.

Where do you shop from?
The street. I don't mind picking up stuff from Fashion Street as well.

Do you shop for yourself? Or do you make others do it for you?
Sometimes I have designers making stuff for me.

Are you into colors?
I like shades of green, blue, black and white. No bright colors for me. I do wear them sometimes. But not too often. I only wear t-shirts and jeans.

What's more important? Style or comfort?
Comfort! I would come to a marriage in torn jeans.

Have you ever been thrown out for that?
My dad keeps telling me that I will, soon.

Are you the laadla of your house?
I am the only son, so yes. But I am not spoilt. The kind of criticism that I get from my house is unlike anything I have heard. If you're prepared for that, critics are nothing.

Are you lazy?

Is that why you get criticized?
Yes. Till 4 years ago, they thought I would not do anything with my life. My first film was a terrible experience because I was not used to so much hard work.

How was Emraan as a student?
I would barely scrape through. I was fairly decent in school. But in college, I barely passed.

Were you into extra curricular activities?
Not really. I had joined Shiamak Davar's dance classes but I got thrown out. He'll tell you about that!

What was the last expensive thing that you bought?
My phone.

Who is your favorite designer?
Vikram Phadnis.

Which is your favorite outfit from your wardrobe?
It's a red T-shirt. That's the only red t-shirt that I wear.

What do you prefer? The rains, winter or summer?
The rains.

What does Emraan do when it's raining?

Do you get finicky about getting muddy splashes?
No I love it.

How do you keep fit?
I don't work out. I don't binge much. Sometimes I indulge in pizzas that I like a lot. I am a very boring eater.

If you were working out, what would you prefer, cardio or weights?
Weight training.

Do you watch what you eat?
I eat basic food. I try and avoid oily stuff.

How many meals do you eat in a day?

What is your favorite sinful meal?
Strawberries and cream.

What does your breakfast comprise of?
Three egg whites, bread and tea.

Do you think that your profession affects your health?
Thankfully, so far it hasn't.

Do you meditate?
No! I don't know what yoga means.

Which is your favorite restaurant in Mumbai?
I don't have one!

What is your favorite way to relax on a Sunday?
Playing Playstation!

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