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Fardeen Khan speaks on <i>Pyare Mohan</i>

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Fardeen Khan is playing a blind character in Pyare Mohan. According to him comedy is a difficult task especially when you are playing a physically disabled character. According to him No Entry tickled comedy side of his and now he enjoys rather finds himself comfortable in comedy films. Fardeen talks to IndiaFM about Pyare Mohan.

Pyare Mohan sounds like a laugh riot and a feel good comedy
Yes it is. It's a very enduring story. Essentially about these two characters and their search for love and their quest for love. The characters are very enduring as well. They are very positive in spite of having physical disabilities. I am playing blind and Vivek is deaf but in spite of that they are very positive characters. They try and live life normally as far as possible. They try and do all the things like normal people, which is very interesting. They have to work as a team in order to do all these things and incase something goes wrong in their co-ordination then all may go wrong.

You are playing a blind person. How easy was it for you to portray a blind character and balancing the right timing of comedy?
Yes that was interesting because I can't see and he can't hear so when he is sitting next to me then I have to tap him first to turn him around so he can see me. He reads my lips and that's how he can understand what I am saying. Consequently quite a few times that co-ordination didn't happen in the beginning. He had to read my lips and then had to react accordingly but unfortunately it didn't happen when we started (laughs)

How did you prepare for your character?
It was extremely challenging. We did a workshop before we started. We did basic research in terms of watching films, which definitely helps us a lot. While the other challenging aspect is that there is a lot of action in this film so I had to maintain that blindness and action in mind, which was quite difficult.

How is Indra Kumar as a director?
He is brilliant. He has this ability to relax his actor. He spoils them. He works with the actors. He is very open to suggestions and used to discuss scenes with all of us. In fact we used to have discussions about how we are going to play a specific scene, which is really great. It was a wonderful experience with him.

Tell us about funny incidents during the shooting Pyare Mohan
There was loads of fun. It's a light film so definitely everyone was in a playful light mood. We played lot of pranks and jokes. It was fun working with all of them.

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