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    The poet inside Hrithik Roshan

    By Super Admin

    Courtesy: IndiaFM

    Tuesday, March 28, 2006

    They are talented, impossibly attractive, young and successful... They are Bollywood's most celebrated couple... This Sunday, meet the affable Roshans - Hrithik and Sussanne, as they share their personal and intimate love story - when they first fell in love, the poems Hrithik penned for Sussanne, how he proposed marriage to her and a lot more only on Rendezvous with Simi Garewal, on March 26th at 9:30 p.m. on Star World.

    The episode presents a personal glimpse into the lives of this romantic couple, who have known each other as kids. Hrithik who calls his dear wife an Angel confesses that if she wasn't a part of his life, he probably would not have become an actor. The episode reveals the romantic side of Hrithik as the various poems and letters he has penned for Sussanne are shared.

    Excerpts from the interview:

    Simi:Are you a different Hrithik from the one who was here 5 years ago?

    Hrithik: Not really, but of course there are changes, I have learnt a lot, learnt to accept a lot ... a lot of me, and the way I am, I am less awkward now, more of myself.

    Simi:Today is the job getting easier or harder?

    Hrithik: Easier for sure, until Koi Mil Gaya happened, there was this conditioned mindset of how a hero is supposed to be, and I was just trying to fit into that mould. That's not acting. It was during Koi Mil Gaya that I felt the true plight of an actor.

    Simi: You met at the traffic light?

    Sussanne: Actually, we just saw each other. It was a typical filmy scene.

    Hrithik: Very filmy.

    Sussanne: We were both parked parallel to each other, I just looked at him, he looked at me ..

    Hrithik: The entire way from that place to our homes, our cars were chasing each other...

    Sussanne: And we were pretending like we were not paying attention.

    Simi:Hrithik, You never had a girlfriend before?

    Hrithik: I had dates

    Sussanne: Not serious .. he didn't have a girl friend .. girl friend ...

    Hrithik: 4 days, 5 days and the girl was like, "I love you" ... and I was like, "dude, love doesn't happen this way."

    Simi: He used to write a lot of poems?

    Sussanne: He was a poet in the making, I am not joking.

    Hrithik: Now, don't get there.

    Sussanne: How many poems he has written, they were outstanding, he was only 21, and the poems that he had written as if he has lived his life.

    Simi: Duggu, we know how much you had to overcome to become an actor, in what way was Sussanne part of that struggle?

    Hrithik: Let's just say that if she wasn't there in my life, I would not have become an actor.

    Simi: Your shy and known boy friend became an overnight phenomenon, a national craze? What did this do to you?

    Sussanne: Oh my god, I was shocked, in the sense, I was totally overwhelmed, I couldn't believe that whatever I felt about him has come true and in such a big scale.

    Simi: But what happens to the equation, when suddenly a person who is just yours, every woman wants him?

    Sussanne: But I love that. It was the biggest high. I felt so proud and he knew that ... if you are going to get involved with an actor or a star, you can't get upset when he is being appreciated by other woman, take it as a compliment, because he loves you, it never made me feel insecure.

    Simi: When did you decide that you wanted to marry her?

    Hrithik: I knew that I could not live without her, I needed her and I wanted her, to be with her when I wake up in the morning, in my life and in my room and marriage was the only way I could get there.

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