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Isha Sharvani on her 'double release'

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Monday, July 31, 2006

She had a dream debut in Subhash Ghai's mega film Kisna. But the dream turned into a nightmare when the film bombed. It did not push Isha Sharvani into hibernation though. She is back after a mini hiatus to have two back to back releases Rocky - The Rebel and Darwaza Bandh Rakho?.

After a great launch in the movie Kisna, you didn't appear in any other movie. Where have you been? Well, if you are Subhashji's heroine then automatically expectations are attached. I have been working on improving myself. I have finished three movies. I would like to work quite steadily. I am a shy person. I just like to work and when I have something to talk about, only then will I talk. I don't like to talk without substance.

What made you sign on for Darwaza Bandh Rakho

I saw Satya and I think that was enough for me. I wanted to work with Chekravarty and the RGV banner. They are always involved in the realistic genre of cinema. I hate scary films and I cannot watch them. So I thought that if I do a comedy film then at least I can watch it. Also, I really loved the script. This is totally different from the regular comedy films that are coming out now-a-days. I really had fun while shooting for the film and I think it was a great learning experience.

Tell us about your role in the film?
The whole film revolves around this girl on how she gets kidnapped. The kidnappers are amateurs and this girl is so very mad, bubbly, proud, sometimes a little dumb, and sometimes a little smart. She comes from a rich family. And when she gets kidnapped, she is happy to no end. The kidnappers wonder what they have gotten themselves into. Then there is the story of how these uninvited guests come into the house. Basically, it is just a mad house. However it is not stupid comedy but situational comedy. Everybody is serious. The kidnappers want the ransom money. All the other characters have some story about themselves as well. So it's about how all these people come together for a short period of time and create mayhem.

How was your rapport with the rest of the cast and crew?
On the whole, the whole shoot was like a mela. First and foremost, it has such a huge cast, then there are the light boys, the make-up men, the set-designers, etc. at any given time, there must have been at least 200 people. I barely used to go home for about 6 hours or so and the set became my house. There was a canteen setup here for the entire unit and we had a blast. That is why there was so much of interaction between the artists and the entire unit. Usually, a few people come on the sets on a particular day but that wasn't the case here. Here, it was every actor at the same time on the same day.

Recall any funny incidents on the sets?
There was this one incident when somebody's cell-phone rang between a shot and Chekravarty got so angry and shouted out to enquire whose phone it was. The guy with the cell-phone was frozen and didn't know what to do as he was scared out of his wits. Chekravarty is Satya in real life.

Such films do not have much scope for music. Does this film have songs in it?
This film does not have any songs in it but it definitely has a good soundtrack. So you won't feel at loss if there are no songs in the film.

You are playing diverse characters in both Rocky and DBR. Is that difficult?
I think that is what I do. That is what I enjoy. In reality I'm only one person but for a short moment I can play the role of many people. That is the challenge. My role in Rocky and Darwaza Bandh Rakho are totally different and that is what makes me get up in the morning and test myself.

Tell us about Rocky
Rocky is a lovely story. Basically it's a journey of a boy. It's about how he finds love in this intelligent and sensible college going girl, who is completely opposite to him. When we were in college, we had our dreams and sometimes we find that reality is not the same.

What is your role in Rocky?
I play Zayed's love interest in the movie. I play the girl with whom he falls truly and madly in love with and it's a very important character to the flow of the film.

And how rocking is Mr. Rocky?
Oh, Zayed! He is a fabulous costar and immensely sweet. And I really hope to get one more film with him because over the period that we shot together we have become good friends now. I really hope to work with him again.

Does the music rock?
I think the music of Rocky absolutely rocks. It is Joshila; it has fun, great to dance on, great to listen and puts you in the right mood. Junoon is my favorite song. I love that song. It just puts me in a good mood and lights up my day.

How has the Rocky experience been?
Rocking! Sureshji is such a nice person. He is a spiritual person and used to tell me about the art of living and yoga. I just had a fabulous experience working with him. He and Zayed were the energy on set. I think we all worked as a team. I hope we come back with Rocky 2.

Have you worked on your look too?
Yes, of course! You will see me in a very different look in my other two movies too. I think it's important to change with every different role. Kisna was a very traditional role. Subhashji had a certain vision of how I should come across and people should identify me as Laxmi and not as a modern girl.

Does box-office success matter to you?
I think whatever role you take up, you have to see it as the role of your life. If you believe in that and give in your 100%, then the film's box-office success doesn't matter because I know that I have given it my best.

What is coming next?
After Darwaza Bandh Rakho and Rocky I am doing a romantic comedy for Mukta Arts again called Good Boy Bad Boy.

You are doing these three different movies; which one did you enjoy the most?
Well, I can't say that. You can't ask her mother who is her favorite son. She can never choose. Similarly, every character that I am playing in these movies is a part of me. So how can I choose one?

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