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    Ishaa Koppikar chats with her fans

    By Super

    coolhotguy : isha do u hv any rivalry with neha dhupia?

    Ishaa Koppikar : no..rivalry at all ...till now..

    Hero : are you making raakh???

    Ishaa Koppikar : hero, its on hold at the moment..

    naveenl86 : I have been among you're biggest fans ever! I remember seeing for the frist time in En Swasa Kaatre back in 1998...and i've followed every one of your movies since then!! I must admit that i'm one of your biggest fans..and that u'd definately be top of my " Who I want to meet over coffee" people...the only reason i watched Don was cos of you!! Ditto for Salaam-E-Ishq...All the very best in everything you do! Hope 2007 takes you to the top of Bollywood!

    Ishaa Koppikar : naveen,thank u soooo much... ask indiafm to arrange for a coffee break...

    Hi Ishaaaa : Hi Isha do you like wtaching dramas on INdian channels and which drama do u like?

    Ishaa Koppikar : no i dont like dramas..

    Abdool : R u currently seeing someone ?

    Ishaa Koppikar : may be..abdool..

    Ashmita : How was the experience of working in Salaam-e-Ishq?

    Ishaa Koppikar : ashmita, entertaining...

    Taz : sridevi and madhuri, good choices. if u emulate their acting and dancing u will go far!!

    Ishaa Koppikar : thanks...taz..

    meghs205 : whom do u think is best isha kajol or rani?

    Ishaa Koppikar : kajol..megh

    HAJEEABD : Hey Ishaa.. My name is Ali! just joined the chat.. great to have you here.. firstly, want to mention that you were looking gorgeous in Don

    Ishaa Koppikar : thank u...hajeebd..

    don : is it true ??? "don ka pakarna mushkil hi nahin namunkin hai"

    Ishaa Koppikar : don...yeah..its true..

    Wasima : Everyone says that they have a problem with kareena while doing a movie? how did u go while doing don?

    Ishaa Koppikar : i didnt have any prob with kareena...

    havesexwithme : i love your how hard working you are... may God give you all that is good in life and may you live a longgggg and extremely happy life! love you a lot!!!

    Ishaa Koppikar : thanks...have....god bless u too...

    chotu : isha didi, are you in any way like shabri in real life..i mean can you kick butt of bad guys if they act mean

    Ishaa Koppikar : chotu...yes..i am a taekwondo red belt...

    chris750 : How is Mowgli? :-)

    Ishaa Koppikar : mowgli...who r u chris???

    ahmad : we are waiting for ur movie HASEENA

    Ishaa Koppikar : please dont wait...ahmad..thats a mistake..

    coolhotguy : hie isha how is it life being a celebrity? i mean r u used to to all this or how was it in the beginnig when u entered the showbiz?

    Ishaa Koppikar : gets used to it...i am enjoying it now...

    Omar from US : hello Isha , what do u think about nudity in movies

    Ishaa Koppikar : omar...its unnecessary..

    Rohit : Y did u walk out of Shaka Laka Boom Boom? Any issues with Suneel Darshan?

    Ishaa Koppikar : rohit, i didnt find the role exciting...

    roro : y did u do movies like Haseena, Gahraee, etc..???? money?

    Ishaa Koppikar : roro.... sometimes when u read scripts its sounds good...but it eventually turns out to be something else...

    Rohit : So many films with Sohail Khan....What rapport do u share with him?

    Ishaa Koppikar : rohit... sohail is a good friend...

    Omar from US : what is favorite vacation place

    Ishaa Koppikar : omar.. any widlife safari wildlife...

    Rohit : What expectations do u hav from Shabri n when will it release?

    Ishaa Koppikar : rohit...hoping for the best..

    moby : no sect.????? where can i send my resume?

    Ishaa Koppikar : moby... shud i give u my dad no..

    Harshal : DO U HAVE A BOY FRIEND???

    Ishaa Koppikar : no personal questions pls....harshal..

    Coolchikna: have u seen Dhoom 2

    Ishaa Koppikar : cool... no i havent seen...

    HAJEEABD : Who is the director you like working with the most?

    Ishaa Koppikar : hajeebd... john woo..

    SONI : The film I liked you most in is Krishna Cottage.You were toooooooooooooo good in

    Ishaa Koppikar : soni... really..thanks...dear..

    jas : did u watch Jaanemann?

    Ishaa Koppikar : no not seen jaanemann..

    AMISHA : isha are u into technology?

    Ishaa Koppikar : amisha...what kind of??

    Maria : ishaa tell us somthing we dont know about srk

    Ishaa Koppikar : maria...he is very childish...

    jas : which hollwood movie is ur fav.???????????????

    Ishaa Koppikar : jas... harry met gun....sound of music...choclate factory..

    Wasima : how was working with farhan akhtar?

    Ishaa Koppikar : wasima...great!!!

    roro : tell us about ur rapport with Rakhi Sawant? what do u have to say about her?

    Ishaa Koppikar : roro...i dont know her...

    diti_idea : do u believe in numerology ?

    Ishaa Koppikar : diti...yeah...

    Krishna_Lall : Which actor do you think you make a great on-screen pair with, and why?

    Ishaa Koppikar : krishna...i look good with hrithik and they are tall...and i am tall to..

    KBHUSAL : hi Isha u have thousands of fans in kathmandu

    Ishaa Koppikar : thanks..bhusal..

    good.character : wasn't ur role in Salaam-e-ishq earlier offered to Perizaad Zorabian?

    Ishaa Koppikar : i dont about it... good charecter..

    Rohit : im a great fan of sushmita was ur experience of workin with her in maine pyar kyun kiya?

    Ishaa Koppikar : cool...working with her...

    chris750 : Any chance of you being at the IIFA in England next year?

    Ishaa Koppikar : chris...yes..

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