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    Ishaa Koppikar chats with her fans

    By Super

    Courtesy: IndiaFM
    Tuesday, December 12, 2006
    Ishaa Koppikar had a live chat with all her fans on IndiaFM. It was quite an entertaining chat as she replied in the friendliest manner. Below are the excerpts of the chat.

    Hero : how are you???
    Ishaa Koppikar : Hey..hero..i am fine...

    chris750 : Chris: Hi, Ishaa. Yuo are the best actress in India. So many film projects out and releasing, these must be exciting times for you?
    Ishaa Koppikar : chris, yeah it is..

    lalit : what is the correct spelling of ur name - Isha or Esha?
    Ishaa Koppikar : both are wrong...the correct spelling is Ishaa

    Wasima : hey isha i am ur biggest fan i have seen u in fiza u were soo beautiful, and in don ur were outstanding
    Ishaa Koppikar : wasima, thanks..

    Ram1956 : Hi Ishaa, I think you are very pretty and talented actress. I was wondering when you sign a film with Salman Khan, SRK or Aamir Khan. You are one actress who deserve to make it to big leagues now
    Ishaa Koppikar : ram...thanku so much for the compliment...u shall see me soon..

    Ishu : I like ur shirt which u wer wearing during reheasal f Salam-E-Ishq f music
    Ishaa Koppikar : ishu.. esprit shirt..

    chris750 : It seems to have taken a long time for people to wake up and recognise what you are capable of. Does that bother you?
    Ishaa Koppikar : yes it does but its ok...better late then never...i have enough time..

    Ashmita : How was it like working with ShahRukh?
    Ishaa Koppikar : ashmita,splendid..

    Wasima : once again ur working with sohail khan, how is it?
    Ishaa Koppikar : wasima, he is a fab guy..

    Ishaa Koppikar : sorry...
    Shoaib : good evening Ms Koppikar.i t's a privelege to have this conversation woth your acting and especialy dane sequences
    Ishaa Koppikar : thanks shoaib..

    Ishaa Koppikar : amisha, salaam e ishq, shabri, darling and kalpana lajmi untitled film..

    Ishaa Koppikar : sorry..about that amisha..

    chris750 : Chris: Do your parents ever introduce you as the Khallas Girl? :-)
    Ishaa Koppikar : i am there girl..

    aadi : hey ishaa r u plannin for any concerts in USA
    Ishaa Koppikar : aadi...may be next year 2007

    rocky : what your age
    Ishaa Koppikar : rocky...wrong question next???

    Ram1956 : Isha, I was wondering will you ever work back with the Superstar Salman Khan?
    Ishaa Koppikar :ram, ofcourse i will...

    Shoaib : you are still referred as the KHALLAS do intend to erase this tag from your name?
    Ishaa Koppikar : shoaib, thats ok..madhuri was called 123 girl...

    fix : hi who is your favorite actress in Bollywood
    Ishaa Koppikar : fix, sridevi and madhuri..

    SRK-1-FAN : Ishaa.. What was ur feelings when you 1st work with SRK?? what's the impression u got of him ???
    Ishaa Koppikar : SRK, he is humane..nice guy..

    esha : i heard after working with srk u became his fan is that right?
    Ishaa Koppikar : esha, yes..

    havesexwithme : hey isha...who is the best actor and who is ur fav actor in todays new generation?
    Ishaa Koppikar : hrithik roshan..

    Rohit : Y isnt Shabri releasing wen it is already ready? Don???t u think Ram Gopal Varma is concentrating more on his other projects?
    Ishaa Koppikar : rohit...its not yet its post producion stage..

    chotu : Hello ISHA didi..aap bahut beautiful aur talented ho..didi, maine suna hai you are very strong girl in real life..when are you coming with shahrukh again?
    Ishaa Koppikar : next year..chotu..

    Ashmita : Were u a model?
    Ishaa Koppikar : ashmita..yes..

    chris750 : Chris: You've played some sinister characters in your films, but you seem to be so quiet in real life. How did you transform yourself into all those bad girls like Lali, Laila, Tanya (at the end), Urmila (at the beginning)? :-)
    Ishaa Koppikar : chris...i am not at all quiet.. also i am not at the characters u mentioned...

    Rohit : Y did u sign a film like Girlfriend?
    Ishaa Koppikar : rohit, at that point time i thought it was the best thing to do and i dont regret it..

    havesexwithme : would you like an arranged marriage? and if so...when should my parents come over to ur place?
    Ishaa Koppikar : i believe in ,love marriage...sorry..

    bittu : Hi Ishaa, You were great in Kya kOOL Hain HUM, I like marhati girls soo much now
    Ishaa Koppikar : i am a manglorian..bittu..

    Taz : ishaa who is ur secreatary??
    Ishaa Koppikar : no the moment..pls look for one..

    chris750 : Are there any plans to do more videos like those you did for Bandish Projekt?
    your_fan : yr best on screen dialogue was in kya kool hai hum....naa khud uth paayegaa naa khud uthaa paayegaa....hehehehe
    Ishaa Koppikar : chris...not as of now..

    sabs : Who do u think,according to u, is the best actor in bollywood now?

    Ishaa Koppikar : hrithik...sabs..

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