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    Surily Goel on the look of <i>Jaanemann</i>

    By Staff

    By: Reshma Kelkar, IndiaFM

    Tuesday, September 26, 2006

    She is one of the young, talented and creative minds of the Indian Fashion Industry. Surily Goel made her debut in Bollywood by designing Priety's look in Salaam Namaste. She spoke to IndiaFM about her films and Indian fashion and also reveals the look of Jaaneman.

    "Films Happened to me by fluke"

    Films happened to me by chance. Though I used to work with Manish Malhotra, I had never worked for films that time. When I became independent Karan Johar offered me Koffee with Karan. I started styling him and from there I was first associated with films.

    I think designing for films are completely different from designing for a fashion shows. When you design for a fashion show you do it independently, by keeping the trends and the target audience in mind. While when you style for a film you have to keep the actors and characters in mind, since you are not working independently; you have to work like a group and you work with the director as well. A director should have vision and he should be clear about what he wants. Again some actors know what kind of colors suites them so I think it's more like group effort.

    "Jaaneman is a special film"

    Jaaneman is a special film. It's a first time I am styling all three characters. It's also the first time I am styling two important men, who are very good actors. It happened to me by chance. One day Shirish called me and said "would you like to do my film? I said are you sure you want to work with me because styling is a very personal thing as everyone wants to work with 'A' stylist. I was quite apprehensive about it because I have not worked with them earlier. But he said don't worry I'll handle it. We will work it out as long as you are willing to do it.

    Shirish was really supportive. He fixed up meetings and everything worked out well. Styling for Jaaneman was very important because it's a transition film and shows a persons life from the young days, the rebellious days to the days they become mature. First I had sittings with Shirish because he wanted to know exactly how his characters would be dressed. He is very hands on director. He knew the look and he knew what he wanted. So we showed them references back and forth. Once he was sure about the look then we went for the sittings with the actors.

    "Preity has a dreamy look"

    Preity is very feminine in this film. She is young at the same time she is mature, like in Salaam Namaste she was really sporty and very young. While in KANK she is a fashion editor and is really fashionable. Here in Jaaneman you will find her very romantic, very soft and feminine. I gave her lots of knee length skirts, flowy skirts, boleros, and sandals bags, soft and flowy hair. She has a complete dreamy look.

    Well, if you ask about her personal style, I think she is completely aware of fashion including what's in and out in vogue. She can pull anything off. She has a nice personality and personal confidence to carry anything off. I always feel that clothes reflect your confidence. I think confidence of wearing something off is important. No matter how good a body you have or pretty you are, if you don't have confidence about wearing a particular thing then there is no point. And Preity is a super confident girl.

    "Salman Bhai is a rock star"

    Though Salman bhai was very nice to me, I had to earn his trust. He was my surprise package for Jaaneman. I was really scared when I started working with him. I was a bit intimidated because he is really a big personality. He can be little intimidating but I have grown to love him. And he is really taken care of me. Now I love Salman bhai and I think he is fabulous. His look in Jaaneman is very rebellious. He wears lots of T-shirts but in this film we tried to make him wear blazers, jackets and shirts. He always wears leather jackets and continues that in this film as well. A little more mature, trendier and cooler look I can say.

    Everybody has their own niche and space and Salman bhai is a rock star completely. Salman knows exactly what he has to wear. He knows his style. He has a great personal sense of style so he knows what looks good and what doesn't. Working with him was like a challenge because he always had great suggestions and it turned out well towards the look of the film.

    "Akshay is very co-operative"

    I can't talk about his look much because it will reveal the story of the film. He goes through a drastic transition. His character starts with completely different look and ends with a completely different one so I think this is something that people should wait and watch.

    He is very co-operative and will not shout for anything rather he would adjust. If something doesn't workout, he will say don't worry I'll fix it up so there was never a problem.

    Films and Fashion

    I am not a known face in Bollywood rather I am two films down and relatively new. I feel Bollywood or films are a great medium as it has improved with the time. Look and styling has become very important in films nowadays. Indian fashion is ethnic and it's going globally. Bandhani fabrics are popular on international level. India has big international market whether in films or without them.

    When you are concentrating on the film basically you have to concentrate on the script and character's requirement. There's no point in designing out of character. If a homely girl wears short skirts then it doesn't make any sense. So it's all depending on the character.

    Best dressed men of Bollywood

    There are many best dress men in Bollywood since styling has become an integral part of it. Shah Rukh is fabulous and he can pull off anything. Abhishek is completely a trendsetter. I love his suits and jackets and his whole Bluffmaster look. Saif is really cool as he is really with it. I mean he has his own space of style.

    "Rani has a classic style"

    I am working with Rani on a film right now. For her it's all about character and what it requires. I have never met someone, who is as involved in the character as she is. She is completely dedicated towards her films. She is fabulous and a hardworking girl.

    Her personal style is very casual. She loves solid colors in combination. She is more classic and very stylish, well dressed actress in Bollywood.

    "My forte in designing..."

    I focus on one thing and I don't believe in over styling. I prefer to go for comfort with style. I don't like a messy look. I don't like fifty things going on in one garment or one look. I think there should be one focal point. If you do too much embroidery and too much styling and color, you will look like a Christmas tree so I try to avoid it. My designs are more Indo-Western. It depends on the season like in December you do western clothes or during Diwali you do Indian clothes while in summer you do casual clothes so it's completely as per the festivals and season. The good thing about India is it has a diverse culture. India has lot to offer in terms of embroidery, fashion and styling.


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