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    10 Best Bollywood pictures clicked

    By Staff

    Courtesy: IndiaFM

    Tuesday, October 24, 2006

    Today veteran photographer Jayesh Sheth picks out the 10 best pictures from his wide collection and details about each.

    Hrithik Roshan - the water boy

    Some of the most beautiful pictures just happen. And same is the story behind this picture of Hrithik Roshan. This picture was shot on the day of Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai's premiere. This suit was designed by Rocky S. for the big night of the premiere. On that day we were doing still shoots or Hrithik on Mud Island beach. We were trying some daylight shots and I felt there was something missing. Then even Hrithik asked me the same question. I was wishing if he could go into the water and Hrithik asked exactly the same thing. Then suddenly Rocky S. interrupted saying that it was bad idea as he could not get a new formal suit done in a day. But before Rocky could complete his sentence, Hrithik was already in water and I was shooting the pics. Astoundingly, the pictures came out so beautiful that when he came to check the pictures with Suzanne, Hrithik was like, Jayesh now I'm really confused. I can't figure out which shot I should select.

    Jackie Shroff - the wild predator

    This picture of Jackie has a very animal feel. It is a very Wolf like image. His small eyes and strong jaw line and the sulking look create an impression of an animal waiting to attack. As we say that every man has an animal hidden inside this which is exactly the theme of this picture. This is a remarkable shot because it was shot in an outdoor location in Matheran. This is not an indoor studio shot. Without using any of the outdoors as the background, I wanted to give it a very indoor feel. The light falling on Jackie's face created a different effect; it gave that wild animal look. This is both mine and his favourite shot.

    The morning shades of John Abraham

    This was again an early morning shoot. John was dressed in a very casual attire of white shirt and white pajama. That time was just before the monsoon; hence the weather was becoming gloomy but then few rays of sunlight were just hitting John, as is the nature was helping me get the lighting right. Sometimes, some pictures come out remarkably well because everything goes plus for you automatically. If you watch the picture, the light fell so perfectly on him that even his abs can be seen clearly. The Mumbai City in the backdrop gave the picture a different connotation, like a man who is in the city to become a star and this pic was shot right before the release of his first film, Jism.

    Smirkless Madhuri

    This picture of Madhuri was shot in the year1998-99. Madhuri Dixit was famous for her typical Madhubala smile. After watching the film Eyes of Laura Mars, I wanted to shoot a picture of Madhuri in the Laura style with a camera in hand and no smile on the face. Manish Malhotra designed her attire which a shirt with a collar and a hat to go with. So, when we started shooting the pictures I noticed that Madhuri was handling camera like a professional photographer. She asked me again saying "You don't want me to smile right?" I said no. Then she went and took a match stick from my assistant and placed it between her lips and I was surprised looking at that because that was so much like a photographer's attitude. And this picture again became a sensation as nobody believed that was Madhuri Dixit.

    The mysterious eyes of Rani Mukherjee

    This picture of Rani's is my personal favourite. Rani is like a buddy to me. I know her since day one when she entered Bollywood. She used to hang around in my office and attend my client's calls. One day she just took my glasses and wore them. And when I saw her doing that I thought I'll click a picture. And since I was not wearing my glasses and Rani was like don't click these pictures as you won't be able to see me in the camera. Yet I shot the picture and when she saw the results, she was surprised. The amazing part is that, in spite of the fact that she was wearing glasses, there was no glare in the pic and her eyes shined like crystal and seemed to be talking to you.

    Rekha - the exorcist

    Rekhaji's pictures are always amazing. She is like the ultimate Diva. For me she is the ultimate persona. She could mould herself the way she wants to. This picture was shot during the time when we were trying out her look for RGV's Bhoot. She was trying different make-ups and get ups. She wanted her character to look mysterious at the same time pure. So as she was trying different make ups, I was going on shooting her even before she was ready for the shot. And as she was experimenting looking in the mirror I was taking the pictures. And it was this picture that helped reveal the look of her character clearer.

    The wild side of Rekha

    This is the mood of Rekhaji which nobody has seen and I was the lucky one to capture that. In real life, I have seen Rekhaji this mad, childlike and naughty. This picture too just happened. She was shouting saying 'don't shoot' but I continued clicking the pictures and that's when I got this beautiful shot.

    Richard un-Gere-d

    The one with Richard Gere is a memorable shoot for me. I was the fortunate one who got selected to do his photo shoot. Mr. Shekhar Kapoor appointed me to shoot his pictures when he was being interviewed by Times of India. I was given just 5-10 mins to click the pictures and I had to use the best of my knowledge and skills. It was very hush-hush rush-rush shoot. He had to catch a flight after that so things had to be done quickly.

    The most interesting thing that happened during the shoot was that Shekhar Kapoor asked Richard to check the mirror before clicking pictures but Richard replied saying Jayesh is my mirror. If I'm going wrong then he will let me know as I trust him. He was so humble and polite. He took care of my entire unit and wished he had some more time to spend with us. So, this photo shoot is one of the best memories of my life.

    The Marlboro Khan

    This picture was taken when I and Fardeen were in New Zealand checking out some outdoor locations in the hilly area. Now this sunlight was falling on him and I was taking pictures. The way the light was falling on him, the ruggedness that it created was so different from what Fardeen's image was. The chocolate hero was transformed into a macho person at that instant. It was just a matter of that moment. When he turned away from that light, it was a different Fardeen altogether.

    Outrageously Akshay

    This picture of Akshay Kumar has been symbolic of that manly attitude, the aggression. This is an ultimate you can see in a guy. But I know how that attitude actually came out. The crabs which you see in this picture are live crabs that were placed on him. We all were in an absolute trauma when we were shooting this picture. Akshay kept saying that 'Jayesh, you will get just a second or so to take this shot." The only protection he had was that oil was applied to his body so that the crabs won't be able to grab him. And while taking the pictures, one crab was about to bite him and he just felt that and shouted loudly. That was the moment when I shot that picture. This was again an unplanned shot.

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