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Jimmy surviving in a Khanny Khan world

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hitubaba : Australia rocks mate! come here n promote ur film wid sydney n me as wel
Jimmy Sheirgill: send me the tickets pal.. ill be there

Charla 4 Jimmy: what is the weirdest gossip you heard about yourself ?
Jimmy Sheirgill: that i was seen with another girl in goa while i was in delhi with my fanmily shooting for a film

Leeni: did u have another ocupation before u became an actor?
Jimmy Sheirgill: unfortunately i didn't

Charla 4 Jimmy: are you superstittious?
Jimmy Sheirgill: yes i am charla

gaurav: hey jimmy.....ma nick name is also jimmy!!!....wht say?
Jimmy Sheirgill: wow gaurav

Mira: hey! u started your career with yash copra production... and u were the actor that stand out on the movie.... was srk arrogant?
Jimmy Sheirgill: not at all

hitubaba: jay swaminarayan! jimmy zindabad
Jimmy Sheirgill: zindabad

debjani: plz name all the female stars of bollywood who always makes other laugh with their sense of humour and by their tickling...
Jimmy Sheirgill: most of them do
Charla 4 Jimmy: what is your biggest nightmare?
Jimmy Sheirgill: biggest nightmare- i dont get those

navi: OMG jimmy!!! ur one of my fave actors!!! i LUVD u in MANNAT! plz do more punjabi movies! coz you're the only punjabi actor who can ACT!
Jimmy Sheirgill: thanksu navi and watch out for tera mera ki rishta

tigergills: y did u do a cheap comdey like tom dick n harry?
Jimmy Sheirgill: doesnt matter it was a super hit tiger

Aradhana: Hi Jimmy!How are you?What is your opinion on remakes like Don,Umrao Jaan etc..?
Jimmy Sheirgill: good

SAeed_qatar: jimmy u looked great in bas ek pal
Jimmy Sheirgill: thanks

lolo_girl : I think u have good chemistry with Shamita shetty .... any film with her?
Jimmy Sheirgill: nothing as of now

hitubaba: jimmy dude! wat made u change ur hairstyle
Jimmy Sheirgill: some characters that im playing right now

hyna: do u like working in commercial movies or art movies ( pararrel cinema)
Jimmy Sheirgill: both

hjyu: Sanjay Suri said he likes u
Jimmy Sheirgill: i like him too

rahil: hey jimmy how do u feel in this khan domination world!
Jimmy Sheirgill: rahil... it feels good to be still surviving
ash: r u from mumbai or somewhere else?
Jimmy Sheirgill: from the north

Mohammed madha: Jimmy bhai, i am Melbourne. Do u have any plans to come to Melbourne for shooting?
Jimmy Sheirgill: u will know when i will

jabbar: who do u like most salmankhan , aamir , shahrukh??????????
Jimmy Sheirgill: salman

bs: when is eklavya releasing?
Jimmy Sheirgill: february

Aradhana: How did u bag Mohabbatein?
Jimmy Sheirgill: destiny

hary: i want to see u with kajol
Jimmy Sheirgill: me too
Aasif: If u r given a chance 2 change urself from actor 2 some other person, then what profession will u choose??
Jimmy Sheirgill: direction

asma: hey am frm bahrain why u dont come her? alot of ppl her like u&like the hindi films alot
Jimmy Sheirgill: wud love to asma

Varad : working with which director has been u'r best experience yet??
Jimmy Sheirgill: raju hirani in munnabhai

Charla 4 Jimmy: have you ever done stage shows? or are you interested in doing one?
Jimmy Sheirgill: i have done a few wud love to do more

tina: wts ur sun sign
Jimmy Sheirgill: saggi

Mira: would u do tv if later in your carrear u don't find success?
Jimmy Sheirgill: no one knows what the future has for us


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