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Jimmy surviving in a Khanny Khan world

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Monday, November 20, 2006
Jimmy Sheirgill had a live chat with his fans on IndiaFM. Get to know about his fan-following and how Jimmy followed his fans on the chat...

vj: plz tell me what r ur future plzns
Jimmy Sheirgill: films film and more films vj

jehan: u look nice in this hair style
Jimmy Sheirgill: thank u so much jehan

sallu-fan: ok..chose ur favourite ...SRK or salman khan ?
Jimmy Sheirgill: salman khan sallu fan

ishita: jimmy - i loved you in yahaan. you share awesome chemistry with minissha
Jimmy Sheirgill: appreciate that ishita

hyna: though i have not seen bas ek pal but it looks that u must have done well in that movie too
Jimmy Sheirgill: u got it right hyna

Leeni: i luved ur actin in mohabbatein ur were my fav n i knew u wud do well :D good work keep it up
Jimmy Sheirgill: thanks leeni

tigergills: u rocked in d music video 'woh kaun thi'
Jimmy Sheirgill: thanks tiger

vj : ok i heared ur next film is with kim sharma n whats its name n when its cuming? is it 'JIMMY n KIMMY'?
Jimmy Sheirgill: its called chodo na yaar and its an adventure thriller

asma: luv u jimmy. r u married?
Jimmy Sheirgill: yes i am asma thanks

ash: jimmy y dont u try 2 act with preety janginani in more filmz?
Jimmy Sheirgill: its not in my hands ash

ishita: you are welcome. by the way, even maachis wasn't bad. your raw talent truly showed in it.
Jimmy Sheirgill: thanks again ishita

peeya: u know in the movie kehta hai dil whe i saw u, u were a perfect hubby to have
Jimmy Sheirgill: still try to be one peeya ;-)

hyna: jimmy can u pls tell me when did u married i mean in which year n do u have kids plz plz tell me sir
Jimmy Sheirgill: got married in 2001... i got one son his name veeir

falu: Hey Jimmy am a producer based in the uk how can i get in contact with u
Jimmy Sheirgill: thru indiafm.com

Leeni: so do u hve a specific role that u want to do?? like a dream role??
Jimmy Sheirgill: edward norton in american histroy x is my dream role.

Charla 4 Jimmy: Who is ur favorite actor?
Jimmy Sheirgill: my fav actor is edward norton

San: If I wanna cast u in a script that I have in mind... can I approach u? but I don't have a producer as of now... am just a writer
Jimmy Sheirgill: approach me as soon as u have a producer san

yam: hi jimmy, i liked your acting in mohobatien and mere yaar ki shaadi hai. Are u working with yashraj now?
Jimmy Sheirgill: should be soon yam... nothing concrete as of now

vj: well jimmy tell me who is ur idol in ur life
Jimmy Sheirgill: dont have any idols vj

HristhaBhatt: jiimi out of ur films which one is favorite one?
Jimmy Sheirgill: yahaan hrishitaa

Charla 4 Jimmy: what film did you liked the most this year
Jimmy Sheirgill: Lagey Raho Munnabhai.

tigergills: how come ur parents named u jimmy? were they mithun fans?
Jimmy Sheirgill: thats my nickname tiger

Pam: how old is your son
Jimmy Sheirgill: pam he is 2 1/2 years

Leeni: so did u always want to be an actor??
Jimmy Sheirgill: no it just happened

ash: hey jimmy ji what will ur next film coming and with whom ?
Jimmy Sheirgill: next film is eklavya with mr bachchan

hyna: what is ur real name Jimmy
Jimmy Sheirgill: jasjit

falu: thanks, would you be keen to do cross over cinema
Jimmy Sheirgill: falu... wud love to

Pam: sat shri akaal Jimmy
Jimmy Sheirgill: sat shri akal pam

vedant: how to approach u
Jimmy Sheirgill: thru indiafm vedant

hyna: ur fav movie of bollywood n hollywood
Jimmy Sheirgill: hollywood- american history x, hindi- lagey raho munnabhai

al: hey jimmy how do we know you are really jimmy?
Jimmy Sheirgill: shut ur eyes and think about me al

vj: who is ur crush in the film industries?
Jimmy Sheirgill: vj there are too many

falu: what would you say are the difficulties for a non filmi industry person to try and make contacts and networks
Jimmy Sheirgill: falu... where there is a will there is a way

KK: bas ek pal was a performance oriented film and you performed well and so did rest of the cast, but the film was horrible and the writer tried too hard to create problems between the characters, when you read the script did you realize it was a bad film or do you still maintain it's a good film?
Jimmy Sheirgill: kk, i did it for the director coz he made my brother nikhil
dhillon: jimmy do u think so many times good movies get wasted.. and just good story and direction is not enough in bollywood, u need to have big names associated as well
Jimmy Sheirgill: ur bang on dhillon

Pam: How old are you?
Jimmy Sheirgill: im 36 pam

rizzzzz: when is ur b'day?
Jimmy Sheirgill: 3 december

jabbar: is ur brothers name Bimmy?
Jimmy Sheirgill: no jabbar

falu: would you ever consider direction or production?
Jimmy Sheirgill: i would falu

Sabine: Hi Im a fan from German. Im working on my webside about you and i still need same informations pleaseeeeeeeee.
Jimmy Sheirgill: whatever u need sabine indiafm is always there

punjabigirl: hi jimmy, i love your surname 'Shergill'. sounds like a lion meeting a fish
Jimmy Sheirgill : haha punjabigirl funny
Charla 4 Jimmy: Can you tell us about Rehguzar?
Jimmy Sheirgill: the path we take to destiny

vj: ok jimmy i cant even belive just chatting with u??
Jimmy Sheirgill: its always a pleasure

k: hi jimmy, you haven't yet got the recognition you deserve, and that's sad considering you're an amazing actor. Any films coming up as a solo lead?
Jimmy Sheirgill: there are lots


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