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Another naughty sexcapade

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Courtesy: IndiaFM
Wednesday, August 23, 2006
Now here's one really clean movie coming up (in the loose sense). Here's the publicity poster for Kaam Wali, a film based on well... a Kaam Wali aka a maid. This maid does it all - mops, sweeps and even romances apart from showing a lot of her anatomy.

We really wonder why this Kaam Wali wears a blouse and a petticoat without her sari on. Correction, we actually know why. No, it's not to titillate the audience but to show what miserly salaries these maid-servants get paid where they can't even afford decent clothing.

But you should really give her credit for the dedication towards her work. She even manages to sweep the floor while some B-grade actor relishes her midriff.

All we can say is too much sex at the workplace might just get you 'fired'.

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