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A rendezvous with the 'Khan'daan

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The name 'Khan' evokes a certain charisma in Bollywood. This Khan Khandaan lives big, dreams big, their lifestyle, everything about them is grand. Meet Sanjay & Zarine Khan along with their son and Bollywood's hottest new sensation Zayed Khan on 'Rendezvous with Simi Garewal'. Amidst all the bigness and grandeur, Sanjay Khan speaks his heart out of the near-fatal accident he experienced on the sets of Tipu Sultan, the mid-life crisis the couple faced, Zayed's notorious pranks and his road to stardom. The show will be on air this Sunday, February 26th at 9: 30 p.m. on Star World.

Excerpts from the interview:

Simi: Could you both have done without each other?
Zarine: No.
Sanjay: No, I don't think I would have been the man I am, if she was not the woman she is.

Simi: But then came the trials, the crisis that crescent your marriage, did you realize that your marriage was under stress?
Sanjay: I don't think it was under stress.
Zarine: My marriage seemed to be in a lot of stress... especially to a lot of other people ... but not to me.
Sanjay: I was taken for granted by somebody else... there was no such thing from my side... there was no betrayal of trust.

Simi: But, you did get temporarily involved with your leading lady?
Sanjay: I would say, it could have happened.
Zarine: I knew my husband, may be he did falter, a little bit, but again being an actor's wife you got to have that much of patience and at the same time the conviction that he will come back to you.

Simi: Sanjay, you have been literally, physically been through hell when the fire took place on the sets of Tipu Sultan?
Sanjay: That was the biggest challenge of my life... I was in debt... I owed money to people... and this happened... Tipu Sultan was my biggest gamble... 13 months I was in hospital... first 2 months I was in coma... the 3rd, 4th and 5th month I was sleeping on a plastic sheet of blood.

Simi:Pain must have been ...
Sanjay: It was excruciating pain...

Simi: You went through 65% burns.
Sanjay: And I had 72 surgeries!
Zarine: It was terrifying, the doctor had given only 10% chances of survival and when I walked in the hospital I couldn't believe this was my handsome husband.

Simi: Sanjay, do you see yourself in Zayed?
Sanjay: Very much, my mirror image. From the head to toe, but his eyes are his mother's eyes.
Zayed: I think I am mix of both.

Simi: After these 3 girls who were like dolls, were you ready for the firecracker that arrived?
Zarine: He was an absolute firecracker from the day he was born...

Simi: What did you do Zayed?
Zayed: Oh my god! Everything from dropping ink on her Persian carpets to breaking her very expensive things at home.

Simi: So Sanjay, when he told you that he seriously wanted to become an actor, what did you tell him?
Sanjay: He used to smoke so much; he was skinny, looking gawky. I told him, look at yourself in the mirror first, build your muscles, go to a gym, stop smoking, put some discipline, when you walk into a room you should look like a gladiator... heads should turn.

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