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<i>Krrish</i> to be a hit?

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Courtesy: Niraj Mancchanda

Niraj Mancchanda the numerologist, tarot handwriting and signature specialist who has numerologically corrected the title Krrish predicts that it will be the biggest hit of 2006. According to Niraj, "Krrishcomes to number 15 and Rakesh Roshan is number 6. Years earlier Manoj Kumar's Kranthi was a huge hit, which too comes to number 15 and Manoj Kumar is number 6. He further adds, "Not only Krrish will be the biggest hit of 2006 but everybody will also look upto Rakesh Roshan's vision."

Niraj further adds, "Hrithik Roshan is born on 10/1/1974. Add 1+0+1+1+9+7+4=23=2+3= "5" which is his destiny number. This year Hrithik has turned 32=5. This is major eventful year of his life. He is going to become father and Krrishwill make him the biggest craze of the nation. I will not be surprised if he gets offers of Rs. 10 crores per film."

"Hrithik who is number 1, will reach greater heights to what he has achieved till date if he adds a 'c' in his name and spells it as "Hrithick Roshan". Hrithick comes to number 23=5 (which is his destiny number) and his full name will come to number 46, which is the number of immortality. Charlie Chaplin's name number comes to number 46 and is till date remembered as one the greatest legends ever happened to cinema." This year belongs to the Roshan's according to Niraj Mancchanda.

The signature of Hrithik shows that he has a contrast personality. On one sided he is egoistic and on the other side he feels that he is a very simple person who has happened in a very big way.

He is confused and not sure of things and that comes from his name. His name Hrithik comes to number 20. He puts in lot of efforts in everything he does.
He is highly creative and self-reliant.
His things do not happen the way he wants.
He is 100% practical person with logical thinking and that's why his acting techniques are mechanical.
He likes to do things in detail. He values his family.
He also likes to fool around.
He is very critical and sensitive to criticism.


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