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Manish Malhotra unhappy

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By: Upala KBR, Mid-Day

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The normally cool Manish Malhotra is upset. He has just come back from a great showing at the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week, but some Delhi designers apparently made fun of his collection.

How was the show?
Fantastic, but what I found disappointing was that some Delhi designers bitched about everything, from the models to the collections and other designers. They would sit with these socialites and instigate people next to them. When they called on me to showcase my collection as the grand finale, the Delhi designers were miffed and even complained to the FDCI.

They asked, 'Why is Manish Malhotra from Mumbai being asked to do such a prestigious thing?' They wouldn't even clap or cheer for the Mumbai designers. It's high time that differences between Delhi and Mumbai designers are resolved. At the end of the day, we are all designers.

Was that upsetting?
It was, but it also proved what a huge mark I've made to make people sit up, take notice and bitch about me. It goes to show what a success the show is. I'm happy about that.

They were unhappy as I was called to do the finale. I've never done anything like this. It shows that beneath all that class they put on, deep down there's an absolutely tacky mind. It's bad manners to be so rude.

Some Delhi designers are jealous of my success, but I have good friends there like Suneet Verma, JJ Valaya and Varun Behl.

How much did you sell?
This is just a preview of the Spring/Summer collection. They will be sold when they come into stores in February 2007.

Only Kareena and Shahid's outfits were sold as a close socialite friend wanted them for herself and her husband for a black tie dinner in New York this November. I couldn't refuse her.

How much will this range cost?
It's a diffusion line, so the price varies from anything between Rs 2,200 to 35,000.

What was the highlight of the show?
The show was packed and got great reviews. Someone even offered a well-known jewellery jewellery designer Rs 7,000 to attend my show in her place such was the craze. The best compliment I got was when someone said, "Though there were stars on the ramp, this time the clothes are the biggest stars." Someone else thought I had the garments tailored abroad.

There was a decided lack of bling this time.
There was NO bling this time. Bling is going out of fashion. Unless it's for effect or bridal or formal wear, I don't use it.

What was the theme?
It was sensuous, young and subtle with lots of whites, beiges and crèmes. From 2007 onwards, there will be a shift to classic dressing. It will be more style than fashion.

Shahid and Kareena were the surprise package.
Kareena and Shahid represented romance, while Urmila - in her onion pink dress -represented sensuality.

Black is the ultimate colour in sensuality and since romance is a part of sensuality, it was great to have a couple so much in love looking so beautiful.

They readily agreed and were extremely supportive.

Do you think it's the star element that makes your shows so popular?
I would hope not. I call them only if there is an association. I wouldn't ask the biggest star to walk for me if I don't know him or her. These people are my friends, so why shouldn't I ask them? I have known Urmila, Karisma, Kajol and Preity for more than 10 years and Kareena for four years. They endorse my clothes on and off the screen.

What's hot now?
In Autumn/Winter, lots of brown with fuchsia pinks and reds in silks, georgettes, chiffon and satins.

What's next?
I will be stocking my collection in Aza in Delhi in December and I'll be starting my own store in Delhi too. 

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