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First look on <i>Marna Zaroori Hai</i>

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By: Moses Navgire, IndiaFM

Monday, June 26, 2006

Spoofing famous Bollywood films on TV shows has been happening on Indian television for quite a while now. However, we saw something revolutionary a couple of weeks back when Ghoom, a take on the movie Dhoom was released in theaters with full publicity and media coverage like a big feature film. Where spoofing a film is a full fledged business in Hollywood, with a series of films like Scary Movie and others are being made with high budgets, in India there has been a very small market for spoofs.

Even before Ghoom, many Bollywood spoof films were released in India, but due to their small budgets and lack of publicity, the films went unnoticed. Besides, most of these are B-Grade films. The only publicity they do is through posters.

One of the upcoming films from the "genre" is Marna Zaroori Hai. From the title itself, you must've learnt that the film seems to be a take on RGV's Darna Zaroori Hai. The film is being directed and produced by Kanti Shah. For those who haven't ever heard of Kanti Shahji, here's a brief intro. Kanti Shah is the spoofmaster who has sincerely devoted his life, in twisting, turning and mix-matching big Bollywood hits and remaking his own version of the films. His unoriginal creations like Duplicate Sholay and Kabhi Kranti Kabhi Jung are so stunning, that even Mr. Sippy and Mr. Johar will wonder, how they couldn't think of ideas like Kanti Shah while the making of Sholay and Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham respectively. His last film was Free Entry, a spoof on Salman Khan starrer No Entry which is out now on dvd.

Anyways, now that Mr. Shah is trying his hand in the difficult horror spoof genre; we managed to get a publicity poster of Marna Jaruri Hai for you. Kanti Shah's film posters aren't easily available, yet we managed to secretly tear out one pasted on the 'Ramu chai stall' outside Grant Road station, exclusively for you.

The poster very well gives us a gist of the film. The scary gruesome looking ghost with his red eyes depicts how much anger he has and might kill everyone in the film. The face of the women screaming on the left side of the poster, with her mouth opening doubly wide depicts that no amount of shouting and yelling will save you. Also the bats on the upperside and the lightning might be the hints that the ghost attacks only on rainy nights. However, we yet don't know who the male lead is. Maybe there is no male lead in this film because there is a buzz that the film is female-centric. Shah has also roped in foreign actress for the film. The hot phirang model in white bikini is a very talented actress who will provide sexual relief in the film. Besides, it seems that Kanti Shah has also used lots of special effects in the film (the streams of blood flowing from the left female's mouth were digitally created).

On the whole, from the artistic poster, it seems like Kanti Shah's Marna Jaruri Hai will be giving all the big releases of this season a run for their money.

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