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What were they thinking?

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By: Shweta Vepa, IndiaFM
Thursday, July 27, 2006
We love them, we hate them, but we definitely can't ignore them. On an average, Bollywood churns out close to 200 movies every year. They make us laugh, cry and most importantly, laugh. And sometimes, unintentionally, by their titles, alone! While a lot of movies go unnoticed, some of them do manage to stand out. If nothing else, by virtue of their titles, at least. On that note, we present to you some of the movies, or rather movie titles that definitely caught our attention!

There seems to be a serious dearth of original ideas for titles. It's common practice for the theme of your film to be loosely 'inspired' by another. But sometimes even the titles are blatantly ripped off. Producers try to cash in on titles of previous successful movies. Read titles like Free Entry, Marna Zaroori Hai, Tum..Ho Na! Kya Garam Hai Hum, Kabhi Up Kabhi Down and Munnibai B.A.B.Com. No prizes for guessing where the inspiration comes from. If you think that these were pardonable, you probably haven't heard of a film named Jo Andar Fit Woh Bahar Bhi Hit. Sounds familiar? Well, it would be, since it is the tagline for a briefs brand. The makers were at least creative enough to think of a new source of ideas.

Others try to cash in on sleaze. With extremely explicit and suggestive posters, they have titles to match. The years 2004 and 2005 actually saw the release of films titled, Aashiqui - A Burning Love Story, Ek Se Mera Kya Hoga, Chumban - The Kiss, and Rakhail - The Mistress. There were others like The Unfaithful Hawas, Dukaan - The Body Shop and Bikaao - On Sale. If you're a hardcore Bollywood buff, you would know of Naughty Boy starring the very hot Mona Chopra. But did you know that there was a Naughty Girl as well? And the most interesting fact is that the 'naughty girl' is none other than Bobby Darling, herself. So Mona has some tough competition for sure! 2006, on the other hand will see the release of some masterpieces like Aashiqon Ko Jalana Buri Baat Hai, Ek Ladki Bholi Bhai Si - Adds Spice To Your Life, Divine Love - Gehara Prem, Khujli, Shaitani Dracula and Mona Meri Jaan, etc.

And then of course there are those which are downright funny. Would you believe it if we told you that there was a movie like Mr Lonely Miss Lovely? Or Meri Life Mein Uski Wife? Wait! It gets better! Others which have the honor of gracing this list include Ek Raat Shaitan Ke Saath, Tu Bal Brahmachari Main Hu Kanya Kunwari, Doli Meets Barat, Namkeen Honeymoon and Biwi Tumhari Bachche Hamare. But what takes the cake is Gabbar Ki Shaadi Honeymoon Basanti Ka!

This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you have a look at all the movies that were released in the past few years, there are bound to be many more sniggers. The names may pack some entertainment value but the same can't be said about the film as a whole. So 'What's in a name', you ask? A whole lot of laughs when it comes to B-grade Hindi movies.

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