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    Mehr Jessia chats with fans

    By Staff

    Dr. in ICU : arjun has tattoos of ur daughters name on his hands... do u have any similar tattoos/
    Mehr Rampal : no. i am not a tattoo fan

    d.j.doll : mehr wats better- being producer or being mother?
    Mehr Rampal : naturally being a mother

    moses sapir : indias best director is????????
    Mehr Rampal : karan johar

    d.j.doll : hey who is hotter than arjun rampal ??
    Mehr Rampal : plz ask him

    SameerRampal : hi mehr . . all i wanna say u just rock . . and i really hope ur 1st produced movie I See U is a big blockbuster !!
    Mehr Rampal : thank u sameer

    WRITEMEAGAIN : Tell us about Vipasha?
    Mehr Rampal : she is a beautiful, simple and talented girl, who we from "i see you

    d.j.doll : i see u is the last movie to release in 2006. wat are ur expectations from it
    Mehr Rampal : we just hope the audiences enjoy it as much as v enjoyed making this movie for them

    moses sapir : arjun as jasjit ya pran saab???
    Mehr Rampal : only arjun for me

    Meee Aher : Hey y din u choose bipasha instead vipasha, m sure she wld have done better than her.
    Mehr Rampal : because V stands for victory

    Meee Aher : Arjun loooks damn kool What the secret of his charm?
    Mehr Rampal : ask his parents, they gave birth to him

    waseem1der : mehr u looked very stunning in ur lakme ad.. u could hav rocked the ad world.. why did u quite.. any plans of continuing
    Mehr Rampal : thankz for the compliment but that part of my life is over

    Mehr Rampal : robert de niro, al pacino

    afghani : mehr are u irani?
    Mehr Rampal : i guess all parsis do have iranian origin

    Sadia : hi Mehr i'm Sadia from Karachi i just want to say that ur so beautiful
    Mehr Rampal : thx sadia, cant wait to come to karachi. arjun says its too beautiful

    raj : tell us about the music of ur film...
    Mehr Rampal : its the kind of music which arjun wants everybody to party to

    Sadia : watz ur zodiac sign Mehr?
    Mehr Rampal : sagitarius....both me n arjun

    watts : how do you keep ur kids shielded from all the media attention?
    Mehr Rampal : by not answering ur question

    roko : Hi i am from Russia. Whos ur fav actress in Bollywood?
    Mehr Rampal : rani mukherjee

    crazy2007 : rampal is the hottest guy on the planet
    Mehr Rampal : tell me about it

    shwetha : what language do u speak at home
    Mehr Rampal : english

    Sadia : where u guyz get vipasha agarwal from ?
    Mehr Rampal : we saw a pic of hers in a calendar

    moses sapir : yr fav singer from india?
    Mehr Rampal : zubin who has sung subah subah in i see you

    shwetha : how did u celebrate arjun's birthday this year
    Mehr Rampal : by working

    watts : have u been to malaysia? how do u like it?
    Mehr Rampal : yea have been there for the music release just few weeks back

    Mehr Rampal : only bombay and only bandra

    browser : Whats the best movie youve seen this year?
    Mehr Rampal : don

    moses sapir : if u acted in movies ur dream roll??
    Mehr Rampal : anything opposite arjun rampal

    ACERDUDE : how would you compare the modelling scenario of the time that you had just begun to the modelling scenario of today ... times have changed rite ..
    Mehr Rampal : completely. My time, we were like a family.

    watts : who was ur role model growing up? or are you self-made? =)
    Mehr Rampal : my sister was my role model

    Diti Shah : do u think vipasha has it in her to be a star?
    Mehr Rampal : for sure...thats if she wants to take up acting as a full time career

    reshmasoom : mehr... were u the child artist in masoom?
    Mehr Rampal : no sorry. it wasnt me

    rat : Is I see you a comic love story?
    Mehr Rampal : yes it is

    Nihad : who is ur favourite actor and actress???????????????
    Mehr Rampal : meryl and charlize theron

    moses sapir : himesh reshamiya ya pritaam??
    Mehr Rampal : pritam

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