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    By: Joginder Tuteja, IndiaFM

    Thursday, June 08, 2006

    Naughty as she may look and sound on screen, in real life Nisha Kothari comes across as a girl next door who is now knocking the doors of Bollywood hard and making her presence felt with her honest outlook. Over to the girl who would be seen this entire rainy season in three films - The Killer, Shiva and Go!

    You seem to be in lot of news today with first the songs of Darna Zaroori Hai and then the sneak preview of Shiva followed by the promos of The Killer! It must have been hectic to shoot for three films back to back!
    Ya, it was hectic. In fact I was shooting for Shiva, Killer and Go, all at the same time. Then there were those songs in DZH. I hadn't been involved in such kind of work before but when I look back at it, it was quiet a fulfilling experience.

    How has been the experience of Shiva different from James since it's the redone version of the same movie?

    See, Shiva is a completely different film from James. My character is completely different. All I can say is that it is a Ram Gopal Verma kind of a film.

    You mean to say that it is not a remake but belongs to the same genre as James?
    [Thinks] Ya, but then how can I say that the two films are same. Agreed that all the actors are same, the villains are same except the director. The story is completely different and it is not at all James. It is a complete different film!

    So how has the experience been working with first Rohit Jugraj and then coming along with Ram Gopal Verma?
    Ya, it is good but then in James too I had worked with Ram Gopal Verma. All the songs were directed by him. And now when I worked with him for a full length film, it was indeed a good learning experience for a newcomer like me.

    Weren't you disappointed to see that your first film as a lead didn't really do as well as you must have expected?
    I was not disappointed or anything because as I told you I was very happy at the very idea of my film releasing. I always wanted to be an actress. When you work for your first film, it is completely a different feeling. And then James was a film coming from a big banner and it was secondary whether it did well or not. It's because of that movie only that today I am speaking to you!

    And now, does The Killer translate into an entry into the Bhatts camp?
    [Laughs loudly] See, when my James released I met Mahesh Bhattji. I told him, "My first film has released just now and it has flopped. I would like to work with you and is there any role suitable for me?" Fortunately at that time the casting was on for The Killer and he asked me if I would want to be a part of it. It was so unexpected. See, when you meet someone and express your desire to work with him, you obviously have some expectation but you don't expect an offer so quickly! It happened so quickly and that too in just one meeting.

    Isn't it an assuring sign for an actress today to have someone like Emraan Hashmi around as the hero because rest assured the songs would be great and the film would get noticed too?
    Ya, definitely!

    So, what kind of character do you have in the film which is seemingly inspired from Collateral?
    Yes, it does resemble Collateral but we have changed the script a lot. In the original there was no female lead at all but here I have an important role of a bar dancer in the film. Then there are songs in the film too but yes, if you ask me about the story then it is indeed similar to Collateral though there are lot of changes that have been made. Also when there is Mr. Mahesh Bhatt working on a subject like this, one can imagine the drama and thrills in the narrative!

    In recent times, has there been any dance of some other actress that is a HIT and you think you could have been a part of that?
    [Thinks a little] Not in recent times, but if you ask me very honestly if there is any actress I have liked in my life, it is Sridevi. And I always love her dances, acting, anything. But from current times, well I can't think of any!

    You are evading the question!
    [Laughs] Oh no, but it's just that I can't think of any at this moment. Probably I can talk about it later when a name comes across my mind!

    Any particular song in The Killer that you enjoyed most?
    Aah...I love all of them!

    Coming back to The Killer, has Emraan Hashmi left his kissing habits behind in the film?
    [Laughs] I think you must watch the film for this!

    Is this something that you are going to talk about just before the release of the film because Hashmi has gone ahead and announced during the publicity of 'Gangster' that this is the last time he would be seen kissing?
    See, I don't know what he has decided but honestly if you ask me, I am not very comfortable kissing on screen. Right now it is too early for me because as an actor there are so many other things that I need to learn!

    So on a parting note, how is Bollywood treating you after being in the industry for about a couple of years.
    I have been treated quite well. See, entering the industry is a decision that I took without anyone forcing me to do so. Yes, it will take some time for everything to be OK and I don't mind that. Overall there has not been any bad experience.

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