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When Onir almost got intimate with Jimmy

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Friday, September 15, 2006
Onir is gearing up for the release of Bas Ek Pal. He had earlier made My Brother Nikhil which dealt with the issue of HIV and homosexuality. But there is one such incident when Onir took the 'homosexuality' bit too seriously.

The incident happened when Onir was filming Bas Ek Pal. The scene was between Juhi Chawla and Jimmy Shergill. The scene demanded Juhi to get a little intimate with Jimmy. But Juhi had other things on mind. She and the rest of crew had decided to play a prank on Onir that day. So once they started filming the scene, Juhi purposely was not getting the scene right. The plan was to get Onir to show them how to do the scene by getting intimate with Jimmy, and they wanted to take the whole act onto the camera and keep it as a remembrance to embarrass Onir.

Well everything worked as per plan. Juhi kept doing mistakes and Onir was patiently waiting for her to get the scene right. Finally Juhi got so frustrated about the fact that she is not getting it right that she asked Onir to explain him how he wants it. So Onir decided to enact the scene himself and went near Jimmy.

But to the bad luck of Juhi and other crew members, Onir noticed that the camera was still rolling. He understood there is something fishy. So he just went up to Jimmy, touched his hair and said Juhi, "That is all I want you to do".

The whole crew burst out laughing and Onir then told them that he understood what they were upto. Well Juhi, you still won the consolation prize. At least you can claim to be the only person who got Onir to be intimate with Jimmy Shergill, well ALMOST.

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