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    Is nowadays Indian Music true to its roots?

    By By: Sunil Noronha

    All that music speaks of, allegiance is one topic that comes out the clearest and loudest. It has been an expression and a stamp of identity for ages past and still is. Music of ages has had clear indications as to the origin, the hometown, the homeland, the lifestyle, the beliefs, the freedoms, the living conditions etc. That's why people are proud to do it. It arouses their passions for something, a place or a cause. That causes them to sometimes over rule the importance of the music itself.

    When Carlos Santana went to pick up his Lifetime Achievement Award at the World Music Awards this year, he didn't give the usual thank you speech. He just asked the people to reach out and heal, as he has been trying to do all along, wherever they are in the world. Rap/Hip hop music has always eventually been about the artists rise from drug addiction. Bruce Springsteen's life story can be seen in his songs as can be in Bob Dylan's ("I lived with them on Montague Street (click here to see the house on Montague Street)in a basement down the stair. There was music in the cafes at night and revolution in the air"-Tangled up in blue). This speaks largely of western music. It speaks of what one might call "national" Indian music, which is of the yesteryears. Our national anthem speaks of "Punjab Sindh Gujarat Maratha Dravida Utkala Banga Vindhya-Himachala-Yamuna-Ganga...".

    Today's music from the subcontinent is not quite like the kind that speaks of allegiance to a homeland or anything like associated with it. Is there a connection that we have with our nation with our nation that we can sing about? Do we feel proud to say that we are Indian? If we do so, do we speak it in our mannerisms and art styles?

    A lot of times it is agreed upon that one has to keep the market in mind and extreme cultured music will ruin the audiences attention. But the audiences too agree that if the music is too cultured than it wont sell thus understanding the need to cut down on the "extreme expression" of culture in music. If the musicians are keeping in mind the audience and the audience keep in mind the musicians troubles then where is the suppressing in music making to not make music that speaks the "language" of our culture? Who then decides that if the music is too cultured, it wont sell? The same goes for movies too.

    Remixes certainly don't indicate innovativity in ones music style-just an attempt to safe guard the financial intrests of the record company and the personal musical intrests of the audience. If there is anything we can learn from the west in its artistic mannerisms is innovativity. Music there has started and gone ahead miles with innovation being the key. Here we prefer to stick to the age old songs adding to them the "modern" touch so that our lost contact with the days of that age is not felt. We use their very tactics but it is not Indian stuff to be incorporated with other Indian stuff. There is no harm in appreciating other good forms of music but purporting it to be of Indian nature while doing so or rather  implying that your very own culture means nothing to you by being a product of it whilst follwing everything that is not adherent to its principles is wrong.

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