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    Its payback time, <i>Sanju Baba</i>

    By Staff

    Courtesy: IndiaFM

    Friday, December 15, 2006

    He sure looks cool with the gun, eh? Before i start about this guy, i wanna say i have absolutely no sympathy for him whatsoever. With the media going ga-ga over his 'acting' in the court and sympathizing with him(along with his peers in Bollywood), there has been a sympathy wave among janata. Every news channel in India was airing images of Sanju Baba coming to the court. My question is: Does he really need all this publicity? He's after all a criminal who's convicted for possessing illegal arms and later trying to destroy evidence! He's an actor and i don't see any meaning in getting carried away by watching him promote so called Gandhigiri on screen... The movie is no doubt entertaining but life is quite different off-screen.

    In fact, the judge's verdict is surprising. He declared Sanjay not a terrorist! Yes of course he didn't have any intention of blowing up the city or helping Abu Salem, but see the people from whom he buys guns! Isn't that supporting terrorists? Didn't he know Salem and his capabilities? Didn't he know for what grenades and bombs are used? And, most importantly, he bought an illegal weapon from an unauthorised vendor. His explanation that he didn't know Salem's intentions is ridiculous to believe. And this also exposes his nexus with the underworld.

    Another surprising fact is Sanjay's emotional plea to the court. He says he's the only working member in the family and there's no one to look after his daughter! Whoah! Excuse me? A multi-millionaire Bollywood superstar pleading like a daily wage labourer who dwells in a slum! This smarty-pant has used all his acting skills to save his ass...

    And about his movies yet to be finished and that some 165 crores at stake, didn't the producers know that he's a convict? Maybe they assumed its easy to get away with law or maybe they thought Sunil Dutt wouldn't kick the bucket so soon.... Well who knows? But for having taken the risk, they deserve to face the loss (that would atleast help make-up for some percentage of the black money they've accumulated by evading taxes...).

    And in reality too, this guy is no Gandhi follower of any sort. He still gets into tussle with people and co-stars at the city's high-profile hangouts' parking lots, just like in his younger days. He's known to have kicked a spot-boy during the 80's at a shooting location for not finding his 555 cigarette pack, apart from his venture into drugs(which of-course everyone knows).....

    Well, its payback time, Sanju Baba.......

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