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Mimic Mess: Poster Spoof

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Norton needs an Anti-virus from Sohail Khan

You can't really blame Sohail Khan for trying here. His I - Proud To Be An Indian had a theme not really tackled in Indian cinema - racism in U.K. But how many of us know that the film was really inspired from American History X starring Edward Norton?

Sohail Khan despite giving a fine performance could not really pull of an original film. A young producer, a young actor and a debutant director did not have what it takes to Indianize this complex cult film. Since there was an 'X' in the title of the original Strangely Khan must have felt that an 'I' would work for his film. Even more strangely (no funnily) the 'I' was his name in the film.

Khan also seems to like Norton a lot! He also made Norton's Fight Club in Hindi with the same title.

Mallika Monroe don't match

It is common knowledge that Mallika Sherawat has no inhibitions in displaying her anatomy. So when she teamed up with director Govind Menon for the umpteenth time in Kis Kiski Kismat, she decided to spur up another controversy. If you see the picture above, you should notice a bit of her undergarments. The pose tried to imitate the beautiful Marilyn Monroe but somehow the Indian sensibilities could not digest it.

Result: Furor took place over the raunchy pictures and the producers were subsequently asked to take of the pictures from the promotions. Now now, Mallika! With the amount of Monroe look-alikes already, you really didn't think this would take you places. Incidentally Kis Kiski Kismat also had a song 'Diamonds are a girl's best friend' which was song from Monroe's film 'Gentlemen prefer Blondes'.

Talk about high-class creativity!!!

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