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'Rahul is the best kisser in the industry!'

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What happens when Mallika Sherawat (MS) meets Rahul Bose (RB)? Fireworks explode! As PNC's Pyaar Ke Side/Effects releases today, we catch up with the diametrically different leading pair to figure out their take on love and it's side effects.

Can a man and a woman ever be equal?
MS: Why not? As long as men believe and accept that women are better than them in every walk of life and are a superior species, then yes, absolutely! The golden rule is that women should walk ahead. Men, of course, can follow!
RB: Hmm... perhaps. Possibly when they are in love. Genuinely, the DNA's a little different, the wiring's a little different, sooooo...

What is the one thing you loved and hated about each other?
MS: I loved the fact that Rahul is very patient. Wherever, whenever I walked the wrong line or slipped up Rahul would guide me gently. Also, we had great chemistry! Truth is I've kissed so many co-stars in so many films but Rahul is the best kisser ever! Evidently, you practise a lot! In fact, that kiss we share underwater in the film, you kissed me so hard, I fainted!
What I hate about you: you can be very moody, you don't help me with big words. Also you promised to read Hamlet to me but you still haven't!
RB: What I loved about Mallika? In my 35 years in Mumbai city, MS is the most down-to-earth person I have ever met. No pretences, no acts but she is, surprisingly, actually quite shy! What I hate about you? Aah! I hate your body. You should work out more! You can't be flabby and not in control of your limbs!

MS: Why are men so insensitive and commitment shy?
RB: Not insensitive, we men are just plain scared! The truth - we've heard it so many times - and it's true. Men have been customised to being sexually predatory human beings. The question constantly thrown at us being, 'How many women can we take to bed? ' So when you think of marriage, it means the end of all that - the loss of one's machismo! And that's really scary!

RB: So Mallika, what's your take on marriage and commitment?
MS: I think it's a beautiful relationship if you can find for yourself the right partner. Commitment and fidelity are very important requisites for marriage.

Mallika and Rahul's take on Pyaar Ke Side/Effects

RB: I thought PKSE was the wittiest, most romantic comedy I have read in my whole life! Initially, I was sceptical about Mallika but when I met her I was okay. For me, it's always the three-rule test. My co-actor should be humble, hard-working and must have talent and comic timing. You had none of these qualities! But PNC paid me a lot of money and so I did it! Ha! Ha! Ha!

MS: I loved the script! Secondly, I was tired of playing the glamour goddess! I was looking to do a girl-next-door kind of role and break away from the shackles of my existing image.

PKSE was the perfect opportunity to do something different. But when I heard that I was being cast opposite Rahul Bose, I got scared. I thought to myself, 'How am I going to even understand what this man says or have a conversation with him as he's the horribly intellectual, boring, arty-farty type?' How was I going to get through an entire film with you? But I must say that I've learnt so much just being around you!

Quick takes

Attraction is...
MS: Intelligence.
RB: A great sense of humour.

Romance is...
MS: Kissing!
RB: Feeding the other person with your hands!

Marriage is...
MS: Commitment. Trust. And fights!
RB: An impossibility. No, no, no... friendship.

One thing you hate about women/men...
MS: They are very dominating!
RB: Being told what to do.

Your ideal woman/man...
MS: A Jat from Haryana. Hatta-katta, khaate-peete ghar ka.
RB: Everyone, including you!

Ever been in love?
MS: Yes. Loads of times!
RB: Yes! 4-5 times. The 6th time is developing right now!

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