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    "If Babul does well, I will give credit to..." - Rani

    By Staff

    Arnab: In one of your interviews you said if I compare these 2 with others I would loose out on their friendship? Another film that I particularly liked was Yuva. There was Ajay & Esha, there was Kareena & Vivek & Abhishek & you. There was a great intensity between you & Abhishek than others... I am sure that even you felt. Now don't be diplomatic
    Rani: No... why should I be diplomatic? If you are asking me I will tell you. I would never give credit to any actor for this kind of intensity because intensity is the way the roles are written. And of course if you are friends with a particular actor the chemistry becomes easier and that looks very nice.

    Arnab: Right, it also happened in Bunty aur Babli? You could almost read what the other person is going to do?
    Rani: Exactly. Because the writing is great, you have great lines to speak. So nobody when a film does well can take credit single handedly. I personally believe that it's always a team work.

    Arnab: Your equation with Abhishek is very evident in Bunty & Babli... it was very evident in Yuva. It was very different from other films.

    Rani: Yes because me & Abhishek share that great friendship & there's a great ease with which we can perform the roles because Abhishek has definitely come lot after me in films. I can boss over him, I can scold him & I can scream at him. So I guess that I can't do with any of my co-stars because I know there's always a respect for Aamir & Shah Rukh. I look up to them.

    Arnab: Is there competition between you & Aishwarya?
    Rani: I don't know you should ask yourself. You are the media. You are the one who creates it.

    Arnab: I'm the purveyor of gossip!
    Rani: No. You are the one who creates it so you should be asking yourself.

    A: Is there competition between you & Ash? Because...You were fantastic in Black...We want you to do many more such films.
    Rani: Thanks. Please pray that more directors should come out with more films like that, more scripts like that because I as an actor unfortunately can't get up in the morning and choose. I am at the receiving end so if a director offers me a role or writes a role like that for me I would definitely do it.

    Arnab: When you did Black & Ash did Devdas... some people say that you both were friends before that but after that the competition really began. Tell me about it.
    Rani: I don't think there is competition. I think Sanjay is competing with his own films.

    Arnab: Is there competition between Rani & Aishwarya?
    R: No I don't think so. I think every actor competes with her or himself.

    Arnab: Say this honestly?
    Rani: Am honestly & frankly telling you because you are asking me. But if you ask another actor probably you will get another reply but if you ask me Rani Mukerji the actor then I would say I compete with myself. When you see me in Hum Tum, Yuva, Veer Zara, Bunty aur Babli, Black, KANK or Baabul you will see a different me in all these films because I consciously make an effort that I should not be the same. That I should give my audiences something different.

    Arnab: Are you a workaholic?
    Rani: Yes I am.

    Arnab: no time for personal life, there's always going to be gossip around an actor like you, no time to find Mr. Right. I know it's a cliched question...
    Rani: But it's always nice to ask stars that na? The actresses?

    Arnab: I ask this to actors also. No time for Mr. Right? Are you deliberately trying to put that phase out of your life?
    Rani: I do believe that god has really been kind to me till now & I don't think that why he should not be kind to me later on in life. Right now my energies & everything that I've right now revolves around my work because I've to do this really well....

    Arnab: When the linkups a personal level how do you tackle it?
    Rani: At a personal level I don't react to it because for me fortunately I do my work & comeback to my home & what I react is to my family members & because it does not effect my family members it doesn't affect me. Tomorrow if it affects my family members then yes probably it would affect me because I also come from a very conservative family. I come from a completely traditional, middle class, Bengali house... Baba & Ma waiting for me at dinner. So I had a very normal house where my father never really bought films home though he was a producer-director himself. He bought me & my brother up very traditionally & normally. I studies in Juhu in Maneckjee Cooper. So I've been a normal girl. The only thing is that I am an actor now & my profession is doing films but I treat my work as a job because I do something which I love doing. I love acting. I love the people around me when am working. I love actors, directors I just love this entire medium of films. I think that what you create brings a lot of satisfaction.

    Arnab: Are you superstitious?
    Rani: Yes I am

    A: Is it true that you changed your name?
    R: No I've not.

    A: Was Mukherjee changed to Mukerji?
    R: Mukerji was the way my name was spelt in KG class.

    A: One controversy that drew my interest was that at one point of time when somebody asked you who is your idol? Did you say Adolf Hitler?
    R: No I didn't

    A: You were 26 & you said I want to meet him to find out what was going on inside his head.
    R: If there's a quote then I must have said it but I don't remember saying it.

    A: Rani where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
    R: I really don't know. I don't know what I will be doing tomorrow. 10 years is a long time.

    A: You are doing a lot of films with Amitabh? Including your next film Baabul.
    R: Yes. Amit Uncle is my most favourite-est actor! Baabul for me is a very special film because it is one film that my parents really wanted me to do & it's one of those scripts that really made my dad very emotional & he put his foot down & said you have to do this film. So I am very emotional with Babul & if ever the movie does well I would give all the credit to my parents for me being the part of the film.


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