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<i>Sacred Evil</i>: Promo Watch

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By: Gaurav Malani, IndiaFM
Friday, May 05, 2006
As the trailer opens to the faÇade of a church, you wonder whether Sacred Evil is an Indian movie or a foreign flick. Everything from the casting, look, setting to the English language and English title gives the feel that Sacred Evil has come from foreign shores. But this one is very much an Indian film directed by Abiyaan Rajhans and Abhigyan Jha and produced by Sahara One.

The trailer progresses with glimpses of nuns, candles, churches and graveyards. Sarika seems to be the only Bollywood connection in this English Indian film. Sarika kind of makes a comeback with this film (if you overlook last year's offbeat social film Kal - Yesterday and Tomorrow).

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With the following lines the trailer defines the movie genre - horror
When you kill someone they stay with you
They watch you every moment of your life
Once you touch the evil within
Nothing is sacred anymore

Inspired from the true story of a Wiccan, Ipsita Roy Chakraverti, Sacred Evil explores the premise that reality always has two sides. Where there is light, there's a shadow. Rather than just scaring you, the horror of Sacred Evil claims to question your beliefs!

With a self-contradictory title, Sacred Evil will make you wonder if the sacred will ever be as strong in us as the evil is.

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