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    I'm a trained classical Indian dancer - Sameera

    By Super Admin

    Courtesy: IndiaFM

    Wednesday, September 06, 2006

    Her Bengali film Kaalpurush has apparently won a National Award. She recently launched a mobile game designed around her. Her next film Naksha is releasing this Friday.

    Kaalpurush has apparently won the National Award. How does it feel?
    I am amazed. I have had a crazy week. I had a mobile game launch. I have film Naksha coming out this week and I have this film Kaalpurush which I did a year ago in Bengali, winning a National Award. It is unreal that people sometimes perceive you just as a glamour doll. This kind of cinema gives you respect that nothing else can. Suddenly everybody takes notice and says oh wow she can act. This has no make up, lights or heavy clothing. Kaalpurush is my best film ever.

    Street fighter, your mobile game. What are you up to? Lara Croft in making? 

    (laughs) Lara Croft is taking it to another level. What I like about Street Fighter is that you actually see the graphics and you can see my face. It is really funny because every time you lose, my face comes out and I say YOU LOSE. So it is really funny. It's a mobile game, so what is nice is that when you download it on the mobile, it reaches out to a lot more people. After two months the twenty highest scorers will be selected and they can have lunch with me.

    Unlock the Naksha mystery
    Naksha is a very different film. It is sort of in the adventure genre of films which has not been attempted in Indian film industry for quite some time now. In the middle of all these bubble gum romances, comedy trend that is going on, Naksha is a refreshingly different film. It is like two guys, one girl on the search for something. It is different.

    Tell us about your character.
    I play a TV show host who is doing a travel show and then gets stuck in the middle of the jungle and how she breaks out of her tame and lands up with these two guys, Sunny and Viveik, both Punjab da puttars and from there my character grows. From a hysterical city girl to a jungle where she is breaking nails, listening to the night noise and sort of getting crazy. The comedy is very funny and then it goes to a very strong thing because she becomes a part of the whole stunt and action thing.

    Did you enjoy doing it?
    I really enjoyed it. Stunt wise I was feeling a little funny because Viveik and Sunny became like my protectors. I had to look to them for everything, whether we were jumping off cliffs or a tree or while water rafting. I thought I was brave.

    You did your own stunts?
    Yes, I did my own stunts. All of them.

    Viveik Oberoi says he played a lot of pranks on you
    Viveik is a prankster. He really ragged me nonstop on the sets. He used to send messages to everybody from my mobile phone saying I LOVE YOU. So the whole world used to think wow, Sameera likes me. But as an actor he is very intense. He is a very hard working actor. He is a very good dancer. So it was a lot of fun.

    How was it working with Sunny Deol?
    Sunny Deol is damn cool. I have to say he is such a nice guy. He not only is like the strong silent type but he is really funny. He wakes up at six in the morning and he has all the energy in the world when all of us are half dead. He is really really very cute. He is very sweet and he is great with the stunts. He can direct everything. He really helps you a lot.

    Can Sunny Deol dance?
    Sunny Deol can dance. And I am telling you that he can dance. In fact, not only can he dance, he is so cute. He will be sitting there and he will be very upset. Me and Viveik will be in the middle of a step and he suddenly will stop and look at both of us. So he is just very sweet and lovable. He says he does not like dancing, but when he dances he has a blast. There is this song, Jat Yamla in the film, in which I think he has done his dads steps. So he really had a blast in this film. People say that he danced better than he has ever danced before.

    Your future projects?
    Benaam, Fool and Final, Ghulami and a few Bengali films for all the Bengalis out there.

    You are Anees Bazmees lucky mascot?
    (Laughs) ya that's true. Anees ji is a really cool guy. He has done Deewangee, which has been one of my favorite films. So I was really happy working with him and Benaam is a really fun film because again it is something really very different. It is action. It's almost like I am on this path with Ajay Devgan where he loses his memory and I am helping him find out who he is. So it is very exciting.

    What is your dream role?
    Actually people don't know but I am actually a trained Kathak dancer, classical Indian dancer though I have always been showcased as a western, J Lo sort of thing which is cool. I am not complaining. But in a way I miss the Indianess that I have to offer and I am looking for a role that could showcase that.

    What do you like about your family?
    What I like about my family is that they are super untouched by films. They couldn't care less if there was like a big bollywood star walking around the house. They are very like a business south Indian family. That is what I love about my family. that is the reason I am grounded today and that is the reason I am who I am today. I owe everything to my mom and my dad and my family.

    How well do you bond with your sisters?
    My sisters are really cool. They are from the fashion industry. You know they are models. Now Sushma is an actress. They are very sweet, they are supportive and the most important of all is that they are very driven and they are very positive and that's why they take you to the person you are.

    Sunny Deol dancing or Ramsay movie?
    Sunny Deol dancing

    Naksha or Welcome to the Jungle?

    Sushma or Meghna?
    My mother

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