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By: Upala KBR, Mid-Day

Monday, August 07, 2006

Sameera Reddy was in New York a few weeks ago where she saw her idol - rock queen Madonna, performing live on stage. How's that for exciting? But there's more.

The Reddy girl will now be available on your mobile - The Warrior Princess, a mobile game modeled on the actress. Here Sameera chats about her mobile game, US trip and seeing Madonna. Read on...

Tell us about the Warrior Princess.
It will be out in two weeks. We decided to coincide with music release of Naksha as the game is an adventure-thriller and so is the film. The mobile game is called Warrior Princess and the character is modeled on me. It took us nine months to work at it.

The outfit worn by the Warrior Princess was chosen by me. I gave them two options -leather pants with tight corset or a short, leather skirt, high boots and tight corset. I don't know which one they have finally selected.

What's the game about?

The Warrior Princess goes through the dungeons fighting her way through demons and diabolical monsters. The more she kills them and reaches closer to her goal, the more points she collects. I have played the game and it's great fun.

Often on the sets during breaks I play the game. On high-resolution cameras you can even see my face clearly. The international company, Paradox, is producing the game.

This is the first time a mobile game features an actress. Comment.
They did a lot of research before selecting me. Apart from suiting the Lara Croft image, I have been a gamer since I was a kid. I can't leave for my shoots without carrying my portable play station with me. The game goes with my new look.

New look?
Due to yoga I have lost 8 kilos in the last five months. It's a different look from Taxi 9211 that you will see me in Naksha - toned, svelte, lithe and yet feminine.

Tell us about your US trip.
My sister, Meghna, had a modeling assignment in New York and I joined her for a holiday. I was to stay there for two weeks in New York but after 8 days I had to cut my trip short as they wanted me to come back and shoot a music video for Naksha. In New York one of my dreams came true - I went to a concert of Madonna. I idolise her for the way she keeps reinventing herself. She keeps changing her image all the time and that's what I have been trying to do also.

How was the experience?
It was amazing! We were sitting on the front row. In fact I went to New York because we managed to get tickets to her concert. Madonna has been learning a lot of yoga and the way she contorts her body in slow waves and puts her legs behind her head is great! I could never manage to do those weirdest of steps. We tried to go and meet her back stage but the security there was super tight.

Did you meet Meghna's fiancÉ - the Greek businessman?
Of course, Arial is a very sweet guy.

Any plans of getting hitched yourself?
No, I am enjoying my single status. I am very happy with my yoga and work.

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