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Sara's party for mommy Amrita

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By: Upala KBR, Mid-Day
February 22, 2006

It's been over two years since the Saif-Rosa emotional turbulence hit Amrita Singh's comfort zone. Since then, the actress has moved on, living life on her own terms in her Lokhandwala bungalow.

Amrita's first TV serial, Kavyanjali, has also completed a year. Life's looking up and for Amrita Singh, who celebrated her birthday earlier this month.

Sara: Perfect hostess

On her birthday, the Aquarian Amrita - who has lost oodles of weight - gifted herself a silver Mercedes. But nothing was more special than the surprise party her children, Sara and Ebrahim, threw for her.

Talking about the special event, an emotional Amrita says, "I was extremely touched when I came back from work that evening and found that Sara had thrown a surprise birthday party for me at home. She had invited seven of my closest friends for dinner, and arranged everything, from the cake to the decorations."

Although Amrita didn't comment on this, we know Sarah left papa Saif and his girlfriend Rosa out of the guest list.

"What touched me most was that she had spent three months of pocket money on flowers. Sara and Ebrahim decorated the whole house with flowers and balloons," says the proud mother.

Love letters to mom

The kids had more surprises in store, gifts that Amrita will always cherish. "Ebrahim gave me a hand-written card. It's the first time he wrote anything for me. He never writes, and he went and bought this card, which says, 'I love my mom'. Then there are the many emails that Sara sent me - they are my love letters. Those and Ebrahim's card are among my most cherished possessions."

New wheels

Amrita bought herself a Mercedes for her birthday. "Why do people glorify these things?" she asks. "I had been planning to buy myself a Merc for some time now. It's just that I got it on my birthday.

I have sold my old cars - a Land Cruiser, Ikon and a Sierra - and bought an Innova and a Chevrolet, too."

I'm the best

Recently reports suggest the actress might opt out of Kavyanjali. "It's rubbish! How can I leave Kavyanjali?" Amrita exclaims. "It's my show and I am very happy that it's running so successfully. I am so used to Nitya that I hope I don't become like her in real life. There is class to her cruelty."

"Without bragging, I can safely say that there can be no better vamp than me - because intelligence comes with evil." Amrita is willing to do more serials, "provided they are good roles."

Now that ex-husband Saif has disclosed his intention of marrying Rosa, how does Amrita feel about it? "It's a closed chapter for me. I have gone through enough in my past and won't ever go back there. I have moved on," she maintains.

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