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Sharman Joshi speaks on <i>Golmaal</i>

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

He's the 'Sukhi' of Rang De Basanti and the 'Chantu' of Style and Excuse Me. But not many know that he kicked off with the Shabana Azmi starrer Godmother. Being an avid comedy lover he is not at all diverse to his onscreen image.

Do you think RDB turned beneficial for you?
Yes, of course. It took a right turn in my career. I am not in a hurry. In fact I am going slowly. I have not burdened myself with too many projects. I had signed Golmaal at the time of Rang de Basanti so after RDB I signed only one movie. Then there is one more film with T-Series. Rahul Khanna, Tanushree Dutta and I are playing lead roles in this untitled film.

It seems you are going Aamir's way of one movie in a year.

I respect Aamir Khan as an actor. But I would like to work according to my ways. I don't want to follow anyone. I guess it's about timing of things that you want. If they come to you then go for it. If they don't come to you then just wait for your time.

You are doing mostly comedy films; don't you feel scared of being tagged as a comedy actor?
I love doing comedies but why not to work on something that excites me in terms of script and the character and I would jump to such opportunities. But when a character does not excite me even if the script is great, I may not go for it. I want to do good work. If it's a good script and good character and if everything falls into place then I'll definitely go for it.

What is on your priority list now while signing a film?
The priority is a good script then it could be of whatever genre. It could be comedy or anything. You get same offers sometimes but then you have to wait for right time. I can sit at home and chill out till that phase passes out. I would not like to repeat myself rather I would choose to sit at home.

Tell us about Golmaal
This is about a blind old couple living in an apartment and how these four good for nothing boys are looking out for a house to stay in. They happened to chance upon this house, which belongs to the old couple played by Paresh Rawal and Sushmita Mukherjee. They overhear the conversation that this old couple is expecting their grandson to come up from America after 30 years and they have not seen his face and so one of us poses as their grandson. So practically the four of us live in one house and pose as one person.

What character do you play?
I play Laxman in Golmaal. He is a very studious and straightforward guy. His mother has certain dreams for him where he grows up and becomes a chartered accountant or doctor or something really important. But by the virtue of the company of his friends Tusshar, Ajay and Arshad, they never let me actually follow it. So invariably I suffer at the hands of all these three boys. Basically he is a straightforward guy, who gets influenced by his friends.

How is Rohit Shetty as a director?
He is open to let actors have their own opinions. If it's good then they are accepted and if not then they are rejected. He gives us actors our space. He lets actors do what they want and later decides where they have to improve. We did it our own way and then we were chopped and trimmed according to his requirement.

Tell us something about the music?
Vishal Shekhar has done the score. My personal favorite is the title track. I also like the remix version of it. Promos are on air right now. I also like Reheja Reheja Re. It's young and peppy. Overall, I love the beats of Golmaal.

How is this movie different from other comedy movies?
I think every genre has its own demand and you have to work accordingly. It all depends on the script, director's vision and actors performances. Now comedies have worked after that thrillers will work. There is no hard and fast rule. Its all depend on director, if he wants to make a horror or a thriller film. I am open for all interesting work.

Did you ever get conscious by the presence of these big stars?
Yes, of course. I was conscious by their presence. Aamir is a big actor and in his presence in Rang De Basanti, I did get a little taken aback. But obviously like I have seen all these guys, who are leading actors in this business and are working with newcomers like me. They understand and immediately put us boys in comfort including me. I am quite new in this industry and I got an opportunity to work with Aamir Khan. Though I was scared that time but as I said earlier, he is a matured actor and makes others comfortable.

What is the USP of this film?
Its plot and actor Ajay Devgan is the USP of this film.

As you said earlier, you will not do any film if you are not satisfied with your role. Does it apply to big banner movies too?
Firstly, don't make this war between me and the big directors. I have no problems with them. In fact I'll be happier to work with them. I am a newcomer and this is just a beginning of my career. It will be my honor if a big director thinks of me. Beyond that if I don't like my character in the script or it doesn't motivates me then I won't do it. There's no personal issue in it. It's just about work.

Your first film Godmother was not a total commercial film; don't you think it had an adverse effect on your career?
Definitely your first film is the one that defines your career. I was getting same role that I played in my first film Godmother. I learnt many things from Shabana Azmi, so that was the definite advantage.

Are you happy with the way your career is shaping up?
I am extremely happy and fully contended. I like the pace at which it is going. It depends on person to person. As a person I like to take things at my own pace. I am not in any hurry to reach anywhere, at the same time I am not lazy. I don't want to sit and waste my time. I am always playing around and doing things.

You have done theatre and now film, what is the difference between these two medium and which one do you enjoy the most?
There is no difference in both these mediums. A lot of people have asked me that, but as an actor I don't find any difference. The actual difference is mouthing your dialogues in one go and also there are no retakes in theatre.

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