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Sunil's judwaa bhai

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By: Upala KBR, Mid-Day

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

There is a rumour going around involving Sunil Shetty and Keerthi Reddy, but when we investigated the story, we unearthed something rather unusual - Sunil has a humshakal, Keerthi's brother, restaurateur Preetam Reddy, who is the co-owner of Touch restobar in Hyderabad, along with southern actor, Nagarjuna.

The story doing the rounds is, "This incident took place when Sunil was shooting for Priyadarshan's Chup Chupke, in Chennai. At a private party at a prominent nightclub, a fight broke out between Anna and Keerthi.

She was screaming about the SMSes that he had been sending her, and threatened to expose him and show the messages to everyone. It was a real showdown in front of the whole world, and quite shocking!"

Sunil lookalike

When we contacted Sunil, instead of getting angry and shouting at us, he had a hearty laugh. "Poor Keerthi! I couldn't have a showdown with her; she's a very sweet girl. I don't go to nightclubs that much, as I am not the clubbing type.

And I have not gone to a Chennai nightclub in years. The last time I went to Chennai, I was shooting Chup Chupke; I attended the Tommy Hilfiger launch a couple of months ago, but I went nowhere near a nightclub. Nor have I met with Keerthi there. But I know whom you could have mistaken me with - Keerthi's brother, Preetam, is a carbon copy of me.

In fact, everybody calls him Sunil, as he looks like my double. The first day I shot with Keerthi (Pyaar Ishq Aur Mohabbat), she looked at me and was stunned. Keerthi just couldn't get over the amazing resemblance I shared with her brother. In fact, Mana (his wife) also remembers Preetam as my lookalike."

Mom was shocked

We also spoke to Mrs Ahalya Reddy (Keerthi and Preetam's mother), who confirmed what Sunil had said.

"Sunil and Keerthi couldn't have had any showdown, as Sunil and his wife Mana are very fond of Keerthi. He's not that kind of person, but a thorough gentleman. When I first saw Sunil on the sets of Pyar Ishq Aur Mohabbat, I went into shock for a few days.

Sunil and Preetam look like twins. In fact, just recently, a lot of fans came up to Preetam when we were in Hyderabad, and asked him to sign autographs, mistaking him for Sunil."

As for the fight between Keerthi and Preetam, Rikku Rakeshnath (Keerthi's business manager) had the last word.

"Sunil and Keerthi couldn't have fought; they are very good friends. Besides, Sunil's very decent with girls. And so what if Keerthi and Preetam had a fight? They are siblings, and siblings tend to fight!" he said firmly.

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