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    Vinod Khanna speaks on Risk

    By Super Admin

    Courtesy: IndiaFM

    Thursday, December 14, 2006

    Vinod Khanna needs no introduction as he is one of the most respected and senior actors of the industry today. His sudden exit from Bollywood some years back had surprised the audiences. After serving for his constituency, he is all set to make a comeback in Bollywood through filmmaker Vishram Sawant's forthcoming film Risk.

    What is that first thing that comes to your mind when I say Risk?

    First thing that comes to my mind is that we all take risks in our life. Even I am making a comeback and taken a risk by working in Risk.

    How did Risk happen to you?

    It just happened when I decided to work in films again and out of the blues. I got a call from the director. He asked me whether I would like to work with him and I said yes. So he came and narrated a script to me. I liked the script and we agreed to do the film.

    Risk is your comeback movie, what made you to go for this movie?

    I like the way Vishram Sawant had narrated the script and explained the entire film, especially my character and other characters as well. I like his approach towards the film. He gave me suggestions for a specific look. He was so excited about the film which excited me as well. My son Akshaye told me about Vishram's film 'D'. He brought the DVD and said, "You must watch this film, it's a great film." I said "Ok keep it, I'll watch it." But I didn't watch the film. Vishram came and narrated the script to me. I liked the script and then I told him that my son told me to see his film 'D'. My son is quite critical about films and for him to say he liked 'D'; then it must be a good film. Thereafter I saw the film and I like it. So finally I was happy that I made a right choice.

    Tell us something about your character in Risk.

    He is an underworld Don based outside the country. He has spread his wings in India. He has got his illegal business happening all over India. He is a part of the entire underworld nexus. It's not that he is the only underworld don. He has to survive there and for that he does anything. He has to kill, bribe, manipulate and do everything. At the same time he is very compassionate. He is a devout Muslim. He has his family and he looks after his family and his gang members. It's an interesting character.

    Do you have any specific kind of look in the film?

    I have kept a beard. We tried various get ups but eventually I and the director liked beard and dark hair. My character is very ordinarily dressed. He is in kurtas and pajama. He is not a sophisticated person and yet fond of good things in life. He is single. He doesn't have any woman in his life. His language is very colloquial and that makes my character more interesting.

    How was it working with new generation actors like Randeep Hooda and Tanushree Dutta?

    I didn't have any scene with Tanushree but yes Randeep is superb. We have a couple of scenes together but most of our conversations were on the phone. There is very fine stage actor like Seema Biswas in the film. So it was nice to work with the people I have never worked before.

    How is Vishram Sawant as a director?

    Vishram is a very different and a very unconventional director. He is not the guy who has gone to the film institute of India to learn. He is a creative person. His vision and his ideas treat the camera like a toy. He has wonderful cameraman and technicians which adds to the pleasure of working with him.

    What is your expectation from this movie?

    I have high expectations from this film. It's a different film, where they will not be disappointed. It's a film that has emotions, action and reality. It shows something that they haven't seen before. But the way it's been handled makes it unique. I have very high expectations.

    Do you think it's a risk for you?

    No I think I have gone beyond that stage to think that it's a risk for me as an actor. I think I have played my share in this film world. I have enough confidence in myself and I don't think that by doing a certain role I am risking my career. I am very confident about this film.

    This is your 3rd innings as you said so what kinds of roles you are looking forward to?

    Roles that are challenging, I just don't want do any role. I have made a comeback to make money. I have exhausted my savings, I didn't work for five years like I said and even before that I hardly did one or two films. Economics is one of the reasons but I would like to request writers to write some challenging roles for me.

    Most of your contemporaries are still working and now you are back what do you feel about that?

    It's great. We should make Amar, Akbar Anthony with all of us again. They all are such legends in the industry so coming together in a film would be great for all of us. It would be wonderful. Our new generation is very active. There are some great actors and directors and I am looking forward to working with the new breed of directors.

    Tell us something about your forthcoming film.

    I have God Mother which is an underworld film. There I am playing a good Don. I have also signed some more films. But I'll wait for the producers to announce them.

    Is it true that you are working on a Mahesh Bhatt film along with your sons Akhaye and Rahul Khanna?

    It's not true yet but if all works well then it can come true. Yes, there are various projects that are coming to me.

    What do you think about Akshaye's career? Do you advice him regarding films and acting?

    I am very happy with Akshaye's work as well as his career graph but I don't interfere in his career at all. Ever since his first film I have just left on his own and same with Rahul. They choose their own films. They decide who to work with, scripts and directors they want to work with. If they need any advice then I give them otherwise I don't. I keep my mouth shut.

    What about your political career?

    Politics has been restricted to my constituency. I have no role to play otherwise anything outside and I am very happy with that. I have no political ambitions.

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