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Viru gets swayed by Payal's rustic charms

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Courtesy: Upala KBR, Mid-Day

Actress Payal Rohatgi and cricketer Virendra Sehwag will be seen together in Dabur's Lal Dantmanjan ad. An unlikely combination? Not really, says the director, Pradeep (Parineeta) Sarkar, as they have a good chemistry on screen.

Pairing not unusual

Pradeep Sarkar (affectionately known as dada by everyone) says, "The coming together of Payal and Sehwag is not unusual.

The client already had Sehwag as their endorser, and then we decided to take Payal. They shared a good chemistry on-screen.

Dada adds, "I know Payal's known as an 'item number girl' but I don't go such tags. If there is a dance sequence to be done one will have to perform it. We wanted a slightly rustic girl who could do lathi ghumanaa and chew sugarcane with her perfect teeth." So Payal went rural for the ad.

Sarkar on Sehwag

This is not the first time Sarkar has worked with Sehwag. " I had earlier done the Band-Aid with him. He's great to work with - very cool, fast and polished without any attitude."

Sarkar describes the concept as "Sehwag goes to a metro mela and sees people using their teeth to break things like a dancer (Payal) chewing ganna and wonders how that's possible. Then, he realises they use Dabur's Lal Dantmanjan."

Payal's image makeover

Payal seems quite excited about her change of image, even if it is only for an ad. The big screen sex kitten is playing a village belle in the commercial. While the rest of the world only watches Virendra Sehwag in the stadium, Payal got to meet and act with him.

She describes him as, "A very down to earth person. In spite of being a star, he made me feel comfortable working with him. He is a real gentleman, polite and a good human being.

At the beginning of the shot I went up to him and introduced myself. Sehwag is a very cheerful guy, has a good sense of humor and is easy to work with."

Hairy tales

Payal laughs at an incident that took place with Sehwag during the shooting.

"They wanted to add breeze in the shot, so they were using a fan. I told them to blow the fan in such a way that my hair didn't fly. But when the fan started blowing my hair went right into Sehwag's' eyes. I immediately apologized, but instead of getting irritated he said, 'Babes, let me do something.' Then he directed the fan guy on how to use the blower."

Dada ne chance diya

Talking about Pradeep Sarkar she says, "I wanted to work with dada and I went to meet him. I also did a shoot for him wearing Indian outfits. When he saw my pictures he said, 'Beta Eklavya, shoot toh ho gaya but will you do this ad for me? I told him that I would do whatever work he wanted. We completed the shoot in two days. Dada knows every shot he wants to take, he worked very hard on my look."

I hope dada takes me in his projects. I adored him. His set up is so professional, he makes you look so pretty, and is so particular about everything including the crease of your shirt, it's amazing. He told me after edit that my energy levels after every shot was perfect."

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