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<i>Woh Lamhe</i>: Promo Watch

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By: Gaurav Malani, IndiaFM
Thursday, July 27, 2006
The much talked about film on the alleged real life equation between Mahesh Bhatt and Parveen Babi finally makes its presence felt through its first trailer. And the first aspect that attracts you about the trailer is the soothing and melodious track 'Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai' that plays in the background. Bhatts have always had a smart sense of music in their films and this one too sounds promising. KK crooning the 'Oooou' way reminds you of 'Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai' from Gangster but nevertheless he does an excellent job.

And while the soft number appeals to your ears, your eyes cannot afford to miss the gorgeous Kangana Ranaut who plays an actress in the film (the character based on Parveen Babi). Waving off to her fans, enjoying media attention and posing for some exquisite photo-shoots, Kangana as Sana Azim looks absolutely ravishing.

Shiny Ahuja plays filmmaker Aditya Garewal (the character based on Mahesh Bhatt) directing Kangana for shots. Despite the stories of their off-screen tiffs, the couple shares a sizzling onscreen chemistry. The duo promenading around a fountain or Kangana in a bathtub full of rose petals add to the rich visuals.

The trailer subsequently shifts towards a serious note with Kangana venting out her frustration, hospital scenes and tears flowing. The movie supposedly has a tragic end. The promo ends on some intense close up shots of the forlorn duo.

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Woh Lamhe means those moments. The film talks about...
Moments of fame
Moments of love
Moments of pain
Moments make a lifetime
For everyone who has loved and lost...

What is Woh Lamhe about?

In the glitzy entertainment capital of Mumbai as dusk descends, famous actress Sana Azim (Kangana Ranaut) slashes her wrists in a hotel room, in an attempt to kill herself. When this news reaches film maker Aditya Garewal (Shiny Ahuja), he is devastated. Aditya has been searching for Sana all over the world. Sana who was intensely involved with Aditya, had mysteriously disappeared from his life without any explanation, three years ago, only to surface now in what could be the last moments of her life.

As Aditya waits outside the ICU in a death watch situation, praying to be reunited with her, he is hurled back into the perfumed days and champagne nights of his memory, wherein Sana Azim played the role of both, lover and mentor to a struggling Aditya.

Everything was perfect, except for an enemy which lurked in the shadow, waiting to destroy their love. An enemy which neither of them saw till it was too late...

When Aditya realizes that the only way he can save Sana from total devastation is to take her away from Bollywood and the vested interests that threaten to destroy her completely, he runs away with Sana putting his career on the line. Those moment lived in the sanctuary of their love are like an oasis in the desert.

Until one day, suddenly, she disappears, leaving him with unanswered question. Why did she leave at the very acme of their love, when there seemed to be hope? What pushed her to attempt suicide? Will be finally be able to piece together the puzzle that has been haunting him and almost destroyed him? And most important of all, will be reunited with his love?

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