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Aamir Khan - The Controversies Child

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    Aamir Khan
    Aamir Khan landing in the middle of controversies just before a release of his film is nothing new. Though he does not attend any desi film award functions or events, there is always an exception, and that too if it's an 'exceptional' event like the Oscars!

    It's true that this perfectionist actor turned director prefers staying away from the media, but the converse of this simply does not hold any water. The dream question that scores an ace in every human mind, especially the residents of the fourth estate, as to why there is always a controversy that precedes the release of his movies, or is it just a mere coincidence? Well, co-incidence or no co-incidence, one thing is clear for sure, that there is no smoke without a fire.

    We do a religious round up of Aamir Khan's controversies which happened so far.

    Not a very 'Mangal' issue

    Aamir Khan's trend of controversies chapter started from the film Mangal Pandey-The Rising, in the year 2005. Amidst the release of this film, he got caught in an uncalled for controversy, when one TV channel splashed the news of his alleged link up with a British journalist called Jessica Hines and what added fuel to the fire was 'Jaan', their allegedly illegitimate child, whom Jessica termed as a 'Phoenix'.

    Jessica went on record to confess that she has negated to abort the child, much against Aamir's wish. She would rather prefer to raise Jaan as single mother.

    Rang De Controversy

    Five moths later, when Rang De Basanti was on the verge of its release, Aamir got himself embroiled in yet other controversy, this time with the Animal Welfare Board. The Board had recommended that a shot involving a horse race to be removed from the final version. The shot in question happened to be a traditional festival of the Nihangs, a sect of Sikhism. Even before this controversy died down its death, star was again in news but this time for his second marriage hype in Panchgani.

    Fanaa gets 'dammed' in Gujarat

    This time, the film in the hot seat was Fanaa. Just around the release of this film, a controversy took birth and eventually got intensified when Aamir invited the TV media at the Delhi's famous Jantar Mantar and pledged his support to the rehabilitation of the poor families of the four states that were to be displaced because of the construction of Sardar Sarovar Dam on Narmada River. Hell broke loose, especially in Gujarat. The climax that followed after that could have easily put any Hindi film to shame of the highest order. Khan's effigies were burnt and the religious fundamentalists made sure that Fanaa was not released in Gujarat. The mere utterance of Aamir Khan itself earned loads of criticism in the national and international media.

    The controversy however, kept the film fresh in media for a long time. Ironically enough, Fanaa turned out to be one of the biggest grosser of last year, despite being banned in Gujarat.

    The 'Mind' games

    Aamir's life turn took a whole 360 degree U-turn, when his younger brother Faisal Khan, went on record by accusing Aamir for keeping him captive in his house and forcibly giving him medicines, thus pronouncing him as a mentally ill person. This time, the media hounded not just the Khan brothers, but also his father regarding the same issue. The entire episode became a very dirty scene, when the internal family matter became public and was dragged to the court for justice. A few days back, the court gave the custody of Faisal to his father, but the present day status is that his father has now told Aamir to take possession of Faisal. And the case has become silent since then….

    And when every thing looked seemingly over, Aamir went on record about his views on the film Black, which was indeed an untimely thing to do, coz' the movie had released quite some time back. Aamir was very vocal about his 'views' on Black. He said that the film went over his head and he felt, the movie showed no sympathy for the handicap person. All this and more, when his maiden home production Taare Zameen Par was on the verge of release. But this time round, he had an answer from none other than the Big B himself who said that the movie Lagaan also showed a handicap person playing in the match. So, how can Aamir accuse him? Point taken, Bachchan saab! This war of words still continues between Aamir and Bachchan. Though Aamir expressed, he wants to meet Bachchan to resolve this matter!

    Despite all these controversies however, Aamir still remains reigning superstar of Bollywood delivering consistent hits.

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