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    In conversation with Abhay Deol

    By Super Admin

    Nothing succeeds like success. The saying indeed holds true if one speaks to Abhay Deol post the success of Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd. The boy always had a sweet side to him but with Ek Chalis Ki Last Local ready for release; he also sounds much at ease while raring to go for his next kill.

    Joginder Tuteja gets talking to Abhay post the success of HTPL as he bares his heart out for his relatively small film that is coming in the wake of innumerous so-called biggies that have come and crashed in the months go by.

    Success of Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd. would have come as a shot in the arm, isn't it?
    Of course yes. We all are in a business and a business mandates that there is a success in what you do. Hence it is quite obvious that I am thrilled about HTPL turning out to be a good success.

    So are you actually feeling like a 'Superhero' after the film?
    [Laughs] The 'Superhero' angle to the character was one of the main reasons why I signed up for it. I wanted to do a real whacky chilled out film and this is how HTPL turned out to be. I am happy that I went ahead and did the film.

    Were you equally happy about the difficult dance sequence that you were required to do in the film?
    It was not a question of being unhappy, though it was indeed a challenge in hand. I hadn't really done a dance number in either Socha Na Tha or Ahista Ahista and so I was looking forward to something like Pyaar Ki Kahani. Also since the number required accurate matching of steps, it turned out to be really fun.

    But what was holding you in your earlier films to go ahead and shake a leg?
    I can say that it was a case of not putting all your eggs into one basket. It is good to show different traits of yours in each of the films and HTPL offered me just the opportunity to do so.

     Is this why now one sees you dancing along for your next film Ek Chalis Ki Last Local and that too for none less than a promotional music video?
    Yeah, it was great fun getting the song ready. From conceptualization to the execution to the final product, 'Laaree Choote' has turned out to be so beautiful. People are loving the number and I have been hearing positive reviews about it. It is all over on the radio stations and the song is just the kind of kick start we wanted to push the film.

    How could a single song be held responsible for great promotion?
    I am not saying 'responsible' but a medium through which things start happening in favor of the film. Now you can see that we are talking about the song. Since it is becoming popular other music channels are also showing interest in picking it up. With more number of different and interesting promos coming out soon, it would lead to a good buzz building up in the weeks to follow.

    Let's talk about the film now. What was it that kicked you for getting on board for ECKLL?
    The dark-n-comic feel of the script! If you want me to talk real dark about it, ECKLL is about the creatures of the night. But if I look at the humor angle, it has some real whacky stuff in it. I can't divulge much about it since the film's script has such twists that you have to see the film to get the kicks, but what I can say is that it is told through one character and how one night in his life changes it forever.

    How original is the film?
    Let me be quite honest and say that I haven't seen anything like ECKLL. Yes, there would certainly be elements in there which would seem to be have been seen here and there but in nutshell the film is as original as it gets. If I have to really-really draw a parallel, I can say that genre wise it has a same dark comedy feel like that of 'Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron'.

    You character sounds quite interesting in the film.
    That's right - he is someone who is almost like an idiot out there. He is one average guy on the street who is not at all street-smart as you may want to see him as. Yet he thinks that he can handle any kind of situation and get out of it.

    The truth though is that he is very average and more often than not lands himself and people around him in trouble! Now this is where the entire humor angle comes in.

    Agreed that there are number of good aspects to ECKLL. But still why can't someone choose to watch it on a DVD rather than walking down to a theater?
    See, the experience and the entire scale of watching a film on the big screen is different. Once you are in a packed auditorium with lights switched off, you are completely involved in the action happening on the screen in front of you. You start appreciating the way film is shot and sound effects are incorporated. This is where the entire beauty of 'fast-paced' narration settles in.

    Net net, there are two-fold benefits that come out: a) There are full on effects for full entertainment, b) You don't get distracted.

    You seem to be quite passionate about the entire theater going experience.
    And why not? Every film deserves a chance to be seen on the big screen. Good or bad, you have all the right reasons to comment on it but at least watch it there and then decide if you want to make it a success or a failure. It is so easy to see that I am not gonna watch this film at the theaters, but the question is why? Just because it is a relatively smaller film? In that case can I give you examples of so many big films that have failed to work this year or before this? But you still went for them, paid for the tickets at least in the first weekend and then complained that it wasn't good enough. You pay for big films and then you curse them!

    You are sounding too emotional.
    I have all the reasons to be so. And that's because I can't do films where I am required to be shown as a guy of today who still says that I won't sleep with a girl till I get married. Or a guy who is happy crooning 'Mummyji-Papaji' from beginning till the end of the film. I am here to be part of cinema where at least there is an attempt being made to make something path-breaking, something unique while still being so commercially viable. You tell me, how many big films in the recent past have been path breaking, but you have still paid for them, haven't you?

    Yes, I have.
    So then why not watch something as interesting as ECKLL too. I need support, we all need support. Why not encourage people like Sanjay, me, Neha and others? Because if you don't then fair enough, I will pack my bags and move on. I will give up. Simple!

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