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The amount Lara has grown as an actor is stupendous : Abhishek Bachchan

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There is a lot of dancing happening in the film? What was it like working with Vaibhavi Merchant?
First of all I have to say whatever performances I have done in songs throughout my career and even today, majority of the credit goes to Chinku whether she has choreographed the song or not. .She is one choreographer who has really helped, pushed and taught me to throw quotient to the wind and just be. She was the first choreographer who ever told me that it's not how well you dance if you are not a good dancer, it's how well you enjoy the song and she pushes you to do that. She never stresses on a particular step. She is more concerned about your expression so whatever little bit of a dancer I am today is largely due to Vaibhavi. She's a dear friend and according to me is one of the best choreographers we have on the scene today. Hand's down! She is brilliant and I love her as a choreographer. If you see Jhoom Barabar Jhoom you will understand it. She is the one who has picturised a Jhoom Barabar Jhoom song and Bolna Halke Halke at the same time and has done it effortlessly. She is wonderful and I love her because she is always pushing and firing me to work harder and I enjoy that. I guess that is why I am more relaxed in front of her. She is also complaining that I don't rehearse which is actually true because I somewhere have this complacent attitude that she is there and she will not accept it till I get it right. But then again I also know that she is going to give me steps which she knows I can do. A lot of times you find choreographers who compose a step because that's the way they see it and they don't look from the point of view of a character or an actor doing it. Vaibhavi has this unique ability of understanding the character, knowing how the character should be dancing and singing and knowing the limitations of the actor. Like I have a lot of limitations when I dance and she is aware of that and she will choreograph steps keeping in mind the character and what I can do. So when she shows me a rehearsal I never question because I know that these are the steps that she will get out of me and I will not look stupid doing that. I really think she is an ideal person for this film and I am so happy that she's worked on the film and I don't want to say what work she has done. You will see the film and understand it for yourself.

How does it feel to be working with a family member?
When you are in front of the camera you are an actor and you have to forget your personal relationships. If you think about your personal relationships, they are going to hamper your performances. For example you are standing in front of the camera with Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and if you think 'oh my god that's my father in front of me', you are definitely going to get intimidated. So you have to try and be professional even though it's tough.

How was it like working with Bobby with whom you are working for the first time?
I have always wanted to work with Bobby ever since I started work. I have known him since I was a kid and finally we got an opportunity to work together. I am so happy because I really think this is the right movie and I am glad we never got the opportunity to work together before this and that this is are first movie together. He's just wonderful. He is one of the sweetest co-stars one can ask for. He is thoroughly professional, always ready to help out. He was all that I had thought him to be and much more on the sets and as an actor. I just feel so privileged to be a part of the film in which he is there as well and we get to share screen space.

How's the equation with Lara?
This is Lara's second film with me after Mumbai Se Aaya mera Dost. She is very close to me. She's like a sister to me and I love her very much. The amount Lara has grown as an actor is stupendous and she seems to be growing leaps and bounds in every film. To take on a film like Jhoom Barabar Jhoom for Lara was a big step. She's never done anything like this before and I am so happy that she did it. She just blows your mind away on screen. She's superb. You will see Lara in a role which she has never done before and I don't think many people have done it before. She did it so well. It was a very tough role to do and she has done it seamlessly and brilliantly. I am so excited for her. I really feel she is such a talented girl. Shaad and Adi have given her a wonderful role and she hasn't let anybody down. There were times when she would perform and the entire unit would clap for her. She's done a very good job.

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