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Adnan Sami sports new slimmer look

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007
Sporting a new slimmer look, Adnan Sami reveals that he feel like an altogether new human post the weight loss. He is a firm believer in fate and attributes his success to the Almighty. "Frankly there is no such secret. No body can ever predict which song is going to be a hit or a flop. If such a formula was known to any one then all songs would have been hits. So there can be no predictions. But I try to sing those songs which I like personally so that I can enjoy them myself and so do the listeners. I try to be choosy with what I do and the rest I leave to God."

Speaking to us at the Spectral Harmony Studio on Saturday last where he was present to record a song "Oh Jaana Oh Jaana, Yeh Dil Ka Afsana" under the baton ship of music director Bhappi Lahiri, Adnan is full of praise for his music composer.

The song is for the film 'Jhoom-Dance With Me Again' produced by Aaishwarya Babbar son of producer and director B Subhash under the banner Aaishwarya Movie Productions. The film will be directed by Shweta B Subhash and is written by Malveika B Subhash, daughters of B Subhash.

Adnan says it was his third recording with Bhappida.

"I have been his fan ever since my childhood." The song which we have recorded today is very fun-filled and youthful song. Bhappi Da always composes awesome melodies and his sense of rhythm is also great. So in this song too there is tremendous melody and rhythm and a lot of heart is put behind composing the song. I have also tried my best to sing it with all my heart.

He feels that the people are going to like the songs as 'the melody and the mood of the songs are very bright and this song is a very peppy number'.

Very fond of listening to Bhappi Lahiri's songs, he cites a number of them as examples. "Songs like 'Chalte Chalte' and 'Dil Mein Ho Tum' are very beautiful songs. There are many songs which can be named like the ones from the film Namak Halaal were fantastic."

He would have loved to sing all of Bhappi's songs.

The talented singer feels that B Subhash is a very good director and his films speak for themselves.

In Adnan's opinion the two different styles that of Bhappi Lahiri and himself would result in a fusion. He likes Bhappi's style of work. "He knows exactly what he wants and he also gives the singer the freedom to put in his own creativity to use." Adnan goes on to add, "He never limits his singers. Thus the singer puts in his creativity and the resulting fusion becomes very interesting. He encourages the singer to make his own changes which I think is wonderful."

The composer in Adnan does not get in the way while he is performing for another director. "When ever I come for a play-back singing, I come solely as a singer and I try to meet to the demand of the composer. Though there is my flavour in the song but it is that of a singer and not of a composer. I never say that I could have done better as composer. Every person has a different creative vision and one should always respect that."

According to the singer, it would be an honour for him to have Bhappi sing his composition. He feels Bhappi Lahiri's 'melody is always strong and his fusion sense between western and eastern music is tremendous.' Bhappi's 'sense of rhythm too is very good.' But, according to Adnan, the music composer's greatest quality is his Indian melody which is very strong and registers with the listeners.

Regarding his weight loss, Adnan says he feels like he is floating! "I feel like a new human being." According to him, it has been a tough journey losing so much weight. He admits putting in a lot of effort and struggle. "My health had reached such a point where my doctors had given up all hope. They had given me an ultimatum that if I don't start taking care of my health I would survive only for six more months. It came as a shock for me. And thus for my survival I took this decision of staying healthy."

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