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Fool N Final is inspired from Guy Richie's Snatch, reveals Ahmed

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Then comes Viveik Oberoi. His name is Lucky and once again there is an irony in his name. He believes that when money talks, bull shit walks. The problem is that he doesn't have money. He wants people to fight in an illegal ring and he keeps on losing money. He runs a small game parlour. Sunny bashes up one of his fighters who was supposed to win a fight and get all his money back. Now he goes behind Sunny to do a fight for him and Sunny gives him requirements to build his basti. And then he lives up to his commitment. At the same time Sunny wants Shahid to stop committing robberies. But Shahid is involved in a big diamond robbery. A diamond is robbed from India which is transit to London but via Dubai. There the diamond comes to Arbaaz Khan whose name is Moscow Chikna and Jackie Shroff who is Gunmaster G9.

Gunmaster G9 was a Mithun Chakravarthy film.
Yes, Jackie's character is still living in that era and not in 2007. And Arbaaz believes he is from Russia, hence Moscow Chikna even though he has never been to Russia.

Chunkey Pandey is the one who is being hunted because he is the one who stole the diamond. He reaches Dubai and there you find everybody behind this diamond.

There is Jonny Lever who is called Pattu Pilot. He believes he is the fastest car driver in Dubai so he calls himself that. He ends up crashing his car everywhere.

Then there is Sameera Reddy who is a girl who has come to Dubai from India in search of work but apparently her agent Zakir Hussain wanted her to get into the wrong kind of business. She runs away from him and he and his men are hunting for her. She is found by Sharmila Tagore and she refuges her. Her house is guarded by Munna and so the bad guys cannot enter the place. .

So we have a Malayalee, Bihari, Gujrati, Sindhi, etc. And all of them racking their brains, fight for a diamond which eventually reaches into the hands of Shahid Kapoor.

The whole film is a different kind of story. I have treated it like a comic book like my promos suggest. It's like you come to read a comic book and leave your brains at home. It's a very commercial, up-tempo and a funny film to watch. The length is also perfect. You finish two buckets of popcorn and the film is over.

Neeraj Vora and Anurag Kashyap coming together for the script. Quite an odd combination, don't you think?
Anurag started the film and then Neeraj covered over it. Then I had Abbas and Umesh who did the film. The first draft was written by Anurag and then I needed to commercialize the film with comic fill. So we roped in Neeraj and finally it was completed by Abbas Herapurwala and Umesh Shukla. They spiked the ideas of dialogues and gags and that's how the film was made.

Firoz Nadiadwala is known for his action comedies. Does Fool N Final follow suit?
If you see the film you will see that it has action and comedy along with a touch of emotions to a level.

Vivek Oberoi drives a swanky Aston Martin in the film which has been making quite a bit of news.

He does and in one series there are these whole series of Hummers. There is the H1 Alpha Hummer. I got seven Hummers in one song. I told my producer that I require it and he told me 'ask for it and it shall be'. I thought he was joking but when I reached Dubai all those Black beauties were in front of me. My eyes popped out and they went a foot away from my face.

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