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Yahan Ke Hum Sikandar is close to my heart : Ahmed Khan

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Ok, is Fool N Final inspired from Guy Richie's Snatch?
I have been a very big fan of Guy Richie, Oliver Stone and Robert Rodriguez. So when we were writing this film Snatch was there behind our minds. I won't say it's a copy but I'm very inspired by Snatch, Transporter and U-Turn. It's just an inspired idea.

The tagline of the film is also the same as that of Snatch.
Yea. 'Stealing Stones and Breaking bones'. I loved that tagline and so did Firoz. So instead of putting Full 'n' Final - the game begins or game ends or some crap like that I'd rather put on what we like. There's no harm in showing people what we like.

Have you choreographed all the songs of this film? You being a choreographer yourself, do the songs have something special to say?
Yes, I did all my songs. Since this is my film I have recorded the songs the way I wanted to. I made the singers sing the way I wanted to. I wanted to treat Shahid like Shahid. He is my childhood friend and we have grown up together. We used to stay in the same building and our parents are friends. I had choreographed his first film Ishk Vishq. He looks different from what we normally see of him. Even the same goes for Ayesha. No heroine would have worn what she has worn.

Whose idea was it to have Mike Tyson for a promotional video? Who approached him? Would you like to speak anything about that?
This was an idea given to us by Mushtaq Nadiadwala, Firoz's younger brother. We asked him how he came up with such an idea and he said that he has been a fan of only two people. One is Mohammed Ali and the next is Mike Tyson. I thought it's a nice idea but how do we talk to him? My producer is quite influential and quite savvy about international artists making an appearance in his films. And in one week I heard that Firoz has spoken to his lawyers and things have been worked out. As a director I was overjoyed and knew that was incredible.

One cannot imagine Mike Tyson and dance in the same frame.
The combination is weird. I'm not too sure on what I'm going to do with him although we are shooting for a music video. I have yet to be clear on what I am going to do with him. Am I going to make him dance? There was an article I read recently on a newspaper which asked various choreographers whether they would want to choreograph Tyson. Most of them were quite reluctant because you are dealing with 'Iron' Mike Tyson, former heavyweight World Champion. He is a big guy. Its not that I can easily tell him to turn left or right and he'll do it easily.

So are you nervous?
No, not exactly. He is a tough guy to deal with and I am tough too.

Is music important for an action-comedy like this?
Himesh Reshammiya has composed for the film. Apparently Himesh left about 18-20 films so that he could do this film. He called me up personally showing his interest in the film. I told him that it is a compliment but I would love it if you paid full attention to it. Because my film and his kind of music sound different. I cannot say that music plays an important part but a very lightening part in my film. I know that for a fact mainly because I am a choreographer.

So do you think he has composed better than A.R. Rahman who composed for your first film Lakeer?

I would not comment on that because I am a fan of Rahman. We cannot compare both of them. I would have had a Rahman for this film too but it didn't require an A.R. Rahman. It requires a Himesh and his kind of music. So I won't be wasting his compositions in this film.

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