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Ahmed Khan on Fool N Final... Contd.

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So there weren't any issues between you and Firoz?
The issue happened because of unwanted things. If you see, after the mahurat of a film if you say you don't want to do the film then it gets a little edgy. One starts thinking and it gets a bit difficult. Our fault was that we didn't finalize the script and straightaway did the mahurat. As a director I had to be comfortable with the script. So he told me not to push myself. He told me that he has a script and Shahid Kapoor and Akshay Kumar have agreed to that, so he could go ahead. If we had problems then we wouldn't be doing this final now, would we? Why would he immediately make a film with me after that? I also choreographed all the songs for his Phir Hera Pheri. Firoz is quite used to having so many people in his films. But in this film he has reached the maximum. We have 19 artists in the film including Sharmilaji. She is from yesteryears and very conditioned. She treated us like her children.

When I was ready, we had to get dates. Every artist is very busy today. Initially in the first and second schedule everything went fine. It's after that that things usually go haywire.

But despite so many artists we managed to pull it off. It's looking really smart. It's fun and full of action, comedy, a bit of romance, some emotions, good music and the look is really good.

The climax action sequence of Firoz Nadiadwala's films are always lavish. What will be the case in Fool N Final with such a massive cast?
In the last climax action scene, I have procured one fighter from Kung Fu Hustle. He is from the Shaolin. If you see him, you will say that you have seen him somewhere. He fights in the end with Sunny. Then there is this guy called Rubin who acted in Phantom of the Opera. He is from London. Then there is this guy Wilson who is from the Gladiator. He is from the U.S.

So I have put all these three guys together in the end and they have some nice action sequences with Sunny Deol. It's a nice fight on top of the edge of the water. They are gladiators and they fight with Sunny. There is a bare-knuckle fight, very illegal and people are betting on them.

Tell us about Yahan Ke Hum Sikandar.
That film is really close to my heart and I always wanted to make it since the last cricket World Cup. But I never got the opportunity or time for it. I need 11 solid guys to be a part of that film. The film doesn't deal with one or two protagonists but it's a team with a substitute and a coach. So I need space, time and overall a budget to make that film. It's a football team and now I'm hearing that a lot of films are being made on this sport. Right now I am just waiting for the release of Fool N Final and then I am committed to make a film with Firoz again. Then there is one more film. Though I have not been signed for it, Shahid and I have locked down one script. Now I think I will take a gap and choreograph some songs and then get back to filmmaking again.

You had announced a film called Mazhab in 2004. Is Yahan Ke Hum Sikandar the same film?
Mazhab is Yahan Ke Hum Sikandar, we were contemplating between these two titles.

Is film-making more tiring or vice-versa?
Filmmaking is much better because you know what you want and you can do what you want. Being a choreographer is easier because you come on the sets, do your work for five days or so and then leave the sets. But at the same time, the choreographer would wish he could do some things his way as well. As a director I can choreograph my songs as well.

The action is by Allan Amin and he has done a superlative job in it. Shahid Kapoor has spent three months learning to do stunts on a BMX bike. You have to see him do his stunts. He has done a wheelie and a tail whip. An H2 Hummer is chasing Shahid on the streets of Dubai while he in on a BMX. You should check out his speed. He is even faster than the cars. It's really dangerous and hats off to Allan for getting it done and hats off to Shahid for doing it.

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