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"Mr India is my most memorable film" : Anil Kapoor

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jhakaas : i am waiting for welcome to create the magic of no entry...
Anil Kapoor : welcome is a comedy film

zain : hello sir...m from pakistan...i really appreciate your work...you have maintained yrself really well...keep up the good work...hv heard that a sequel of mr india is in the pipeline...when r u planning to release it??
Anil Kapoor : hi zain, i think u shld ask this question to boney kapoor

mashood waqas : was't Roshan Andrews supposed to be directing Shortcut? How did Neraj Vora come into picture?
Anil Kapoor : yes he was

yasir wasim : hi anil...your a really gud actor...is there a squel to no entry...why did u pick akshay khanna for Gandhi my father
Anil Kapoor : i felt akshaye was the best choice, what do u think?

akaas : arre mere munna tumhare liye 10 saal intezaar kar lenge....
Anil Kapoor : par kis ke liye?

manesh : I loved NO ENTRY ... Especially ur acting....When's the sequel to NO ENTRY coming out???
Anil Kapoor : no entry 2 is happening next yr

harry : hello sir.hats off to you as producer.love u and best wishes for soonam j also in her debut film saawariya.love u alot mr-india
Anil Kapoor : thank u harry

Green Eagle : How did Neraj Vora come into short cut?
Anil Kapoor : roshan andrews got busy with malayam films, hence neeraj came into picture

>Ali>Dk,q; : tell us about Race...is it a thriller? tell us abt ur character in dtail
Anil Kapoor : i play a cop in race. its a thriller

teji : who is directing Tashan...plz tell abt the movie...its title sounds interesting
Anil Kapoor : tashan is a revenge story with lots entertainment n is directed by victor

>Ali>Dk,q; : hw do u maintain ur self so well...do u follow strict diet?
Anil Kapoor : regular workouts n control on food

>Ali>Dk,q; : why don u direct a movie m sure u'll turn out equally sucessful in direction
Anil Kapoor : direction na na

yasir : r u there in remake of mr india?
Anil Kapoor : nothing decided bout mr. india yet

jhakaas : which bollywood mainstream aactor has the best comic timing???
Anil Kapoor : amitabh bachchan has the best comic timing

priyal : how long did it take to film Gahndi my father?
Anil Kapoor : took 100 days to shoot GMF

Prashant : wil u be making a sequel to GMF??.. in near future..
Anil Kapoor : no sequel to GMF

Faisal : y r u doing comedies only and y not romantic movie...i think u r one of the best romantic actors we have in bollywood...we want romantic film from u
Anil Kapoor : very soon in a romantic film

fahad : Hi anil, where has your intensity gone that we used to see in your movies?
Anil Kapoor : pls watch my wife's murder fahad

jhakaas : director feroz khan is just amazing....everything in Gandhi my father is touching...
Anil Kapoor : i'll convery ur msg to feroz

Anil Kapoor : tere muah mein ghee shakar gaurav

Green Eagle : u r the only person whos beat the amir khan
Anil Kapoor : what do mean? have i not already beaten him

Pakiza : hey I wanted to know how come u decided to produce Gandhi,my father?
Anil Kapoor : I felt that this will be the right film for my first home production

harilal : Anil..... don't u think...Govt shud give some incentive to movies like this ..like giving it tax free kind of treatment..so that more and more people can watch them
Anil Kapoor : we are working on that harilal

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